Taking the Time to Reflect?

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on your life, you current living situation and said to yourself this is not me or this is not where I should be. Well I have. Tomorrow, I will be one year older than I was the day before and it seems that nothing in my life and change in a matter or 5 years and it still remains the same. Does that mean that became stuck? Does that mean that I have dug myself into a hole that I cannot get out of? Not necessarily, because we put ourselves in places where we feel the most comfortable, particularly when we lack the motivation, ability, or support to move forward to become a better person. We strive to be the better person that we can be, but how do we know when we reach that point? How do we know when or if we have reached our actual self? Do we feel different? Does it means we feel lighter, less burdensome, more dignified? Is setting goals a way to reach out inner self? Is our actions a predetermining method to release out inhibitions. How do, better yet, how will we ever know that we have reached out full potential when life continually evolve and throw us curve ball, but strip away our bat.

In life we continue to change and channel ourselves. We continue to engage in crab-based interactions, as when we see one person overcoming their barriers we always find ways to pull them back down to that level. What is you were that crab that almost made it out of the barrel but then another crab came and striped that opportunity. Will you continue to shuffle you way around or will you try a different escape route? Will you be that crab that allows another crab to stand on your back, whereby making his or her escapism much more easier and effortless? Or will you be that crab that pulls him or her down just because they did the same to you?

Today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life, I dare you to challenge yourself. I dare you to challenge your inner strength even in the midst of a pandemic. Will you be the same person you were going in, coming out? Or will you be a better person coming out than when you went in. You are alive and well. You have beat the odd. You have not succumb to what Rona-Rona set in your path. You have shoved her aside, engaged in social distancing, masking wearing, frequent hand washing, and other safe and secure practices.

What have you done today that you did not do yesterday to ensure that you are a better person, starts right here right now. You have to learn to become the master of yourself. You have to learn to be self-directed, self-disciplined, self-determined, and self-motivated, as no one in this world can do things for you in the way that you can. You know yourself better than anyone. You know your strength and your weakness. You know what measures you have to take to strengthen your weaknesses, even if it means tapping into all of your available resources. Be that mastermind that you crave. Be that better person. Be more optimistic. Be what God created you to be. But most of all and most importantly, be yourself.

This is a Corona Challenge… Make a note to yourself today, of who you are today, who you were yesterday, and who you strive to be post-Rona-Rona. If you notice progression from one day to the next, then you have done yourself a good deed. If you don’t see any progress, then you have denied yourself progressive opportunities to become a better you. You have fallen into a fixed cognitive state that only you can pull yourself out of. Yes, life happens and people have various things to deal with, from environmental, marriage, economic, societal discourses, but when we stand firm within ourself and make the necessary moves to navigate turmoil, then we have become our own winner. We have become our own sideline cheerleader. We have become the person who will not take no for an answer answer and will continue to move forward knowing that all is not meant for you and what is meant for you will have its door wide open for you to walk through when you reach that point. The only question in this matter is, are you going to be ready when you get there and are you going to know to just enter without knocking.

The moral of the story is, NOW, more than ever if the time to be your true self. To be your actual self. To be your whole self. To be an expert of yourself. You are the only person on this world that knows you better than anyone. If someone do not know who you are or have a misconception or an inaccurate perceived notion, then tell them who you are without strife or agression. If that person cannot accept your true being, then they should not be in your life in the first place. Always be true to yourself and not fabricate, conform or be fictitous for no one or nothing. Be you, it will take you far.


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