Today is the day that you get back to YOU

Take the time you need for yourself and let nothing or no one discourage you from accomplishing your desired you

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Today and from this point on, we come together, as one, united. Today more than ever, we must take on the inherent challenges that continue to bring ruin, despair, and uncertainty to the world we live in. Today we are stronger than we have ever been, and if we continue to fight as an army, no one will have to worry about being left to their own devices and fight battles on their own or with their hands tied behind their back. Billions of fists up for one nation.

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As each state eases their stay-at-home restrictions affording us with the ability to, again, explore the outdoors and engage in physical activities, let us continue to take precautionary measures. We must ensure everyone’s safety, as it will save the lives of millions, even your own. #maskson #maskonchallenge #betCOVID-19

Today as more and more people become engaged in computer-mediated technologies to connect with others, social networking continues to have a dramatic impact on face-to-face interaction. These tangible devices continue to reduce the quality of interpersonal relationships with friends, families, and romantic partners. Not only that but mobilized smartphone technologies have become a significant distraction, taking people from the responsibilities of real-world situations and responsibilities.

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