Where do we go from here?

By Angela Pearce on July 16, 2020

Where do we go from here?

Today as we look around and see how our lives have transpired, some people are not happy. We feel the stresses and strains of life, those that we never thought were possible. Most people have become financially deprived, not by choice, or because they were looking for better opportunities or wanted to start their own business. Not because they did not love their current job or situation. We were forced in financial and economic turmoil, not because our bosses felt that we were not team players, were not the right fit, or because we did not get along with colleagues. Bosses and companies from various entities alike were forced to make the toughest decisions in their lives, even when they had the best leaders, the best staff, team players, family-oriented businesses, and people who got the job done. COVID tied their hands to the point that they could hang on any longer. Yes, various companies are still fully operational (e.g., hospitals and medical facilities, pharmacies, supermarkets, some department stores that supply necessities and essentials). States have started to open nonessential businesses, whereby to reduce the financial stresses of people not knowing where their next meal is coming from or how they are going to pay their rent/mortgages and utilities. Not only are we all in a financial whirlwind, a crisis, a downward spiral, but we are too in a fight for Equality battle worldwide. Even though we did not put ourselves in this situation, we are the only persons that could get ourselves out, so the question that we all should be asking ourselves at this very moment is what can we do to make the situation better for the world we live in, to return to come kind of normalcy, as this unprecedented showstopper is not a preponderance of a select few, the world as a whole is significantly impacted simultaneously. It will take the world as a whole, meaning all persons from all backgrounds (e.g., race, cultural, socioeconomic, gender, age, etc.) to take responsibility to fight the war of this ghostly adversary, restricting human transferability and mutating force.  

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What can we do to make the situation better for the world we live in?

It is naturalistic and innate for humans to want to socialize themselves. But what happens when the world faces crises that will limit the availability to socialize, a crisis like the one that we face today, The Coronavirus, a pandemic that has infected millions of humans and killed over a hundred thousand. A ghostly virus that has no plans to deter or subside anytime soon, we as humans have allowed it to feed on our flesh, allowing it to rapidly and silently mutate and transfer from person to person. This gravely and incurable germ continues to fight for survival while most of us, as humans, have let our guards down and refuse to draw our weapons, face masks. Face masks are the only weapon that has been proved to be reliable thus far, as no medications have been deemed successfully to combat this virus and to stop is spreading. Frequent handwashing, using hand sanitizers, is part of this cleaning system, but when people are out and about, most don’t think about washing their hands. We, as humans, people all around the world, not just Americans, need to start abiding by social rules and practice social distancing, wearing masks or other face covering.

Yes, to most, they may be uncomfortable, but just imagine how many lives you could save, even your own and loved ones. I said it before, and I will repeat it. No, we did not get ourselves into this message, but it is going to take a worldly army of humane citizens to get us out of this mess. It is not going to happen overnight, not in the next week or month, but we have to look for the light at the end of the tunnel; otherwise, we will continue to live in darkness and fear. I don’t have the answers. However, it seems that some of the persons that we rely on for leadership haven’t a clue either. If we take a moment to ask ourselves the germane question of what it is that I can do to make the world better, even if you answer is to simply stay put and restrict your outings and to wear your masks when you do go out, you are providing an excellent service to the world. It’s the little and most simple things that count. If you have extra masks and see or know people who don’t have one or cannot afford one, give them face coverings. We all have to do the right things. Otherwise, we’re all screwed, and just because you may have been previously infected with COVID, studies have shown that that does not guarantee that you will not become infected a second time. 

Another thing that we can do, if we have to go out for essentials, is to say “thank you” tor those persons who are readily exposed day in and day out, just to make sure that what we seek is to our avail.  

How did we get here? 

Most people are still pointing the fingers of how we got here. Some blame China. Others blame the UK. Does it really matter? What should matter is, we are here, Corona is here, and from the looks of it, it is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Instead of playing the blame game, we as humans must take action. We must all be our own leaders in our own right to fight a battle that we know we can win. As it states in Isaiah 54:17: “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.” Who’s in charge here? Us or COVID? Are we going to sit back and allow the minuscule particles to kill us and those that we love continually? Are really going to sit on our hand and be silenced. Yes, we are all wearing masks these days, but that does not stop us from being heard. That does not stop us from taking necessary actions and taking precautionary measures. We need to stop trying to figure out how we got here and figure out the dexterities of how we are going to get out of this mess. This is not about emotions, egos, who is right and who is wrong; it is about life sustainability, approachability to civilization, and humanity. 

Will we ever be able to turn this off?

The only way this thing is going away is if we let it kill itself off and stop being its enabler. We must not allow this virus to continue its course of action through human nurturing. Aren’t you tired of seeing people die, even if they are unfamiliar or dissimilar to you? Are you tired of social anxiety or being anxious in general? We are all tired of being stressed, depressed, and being limited by the inability to travel and take vacations? Some people have used their vehicle as escapism, whereby traveling to their neighboring states. Some people have put on a brave face to air travel, some not knowing what they may be getting themselves into. People are engaging in political rallies and protests. To beat the heat some people are going to beaches and have pool parties. For socialization, bar and pub attendances rose, but not necessarily restaurants.

Technology has been a lifeline for most. It has been our primary tool for socialization, learning, pedagogical instructions, social networking, collaboration, to reduce feelings of loneliness, isolation, and to contribute to life satisfaction, and overall physical and psychological well-being. We couldn’t imagine life without technology before this pandemic, as it has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives and activities. So, could you just imagine what life would be like now in the midst of this crisis? Yeah, we are tired of staring at their computer and phone screens? But, more importantly, we are tired of having our life excursions limited to localities and stay-cations? We can all concur that this was a major screw-up that got out of hand with no off switch or antidote. This is not something that we can just press the reset button on or turn the power off altogether. This is something that is designed to stay on for its entire existence and to acquire its strength from any persons it comes into contact with. The only turn off switch is to heavily rely on scientists and their scramble to find a cure or vaccine. However, in the meantime, we all can act humane and wear our masks. We can continue to practice social distancing and gathering restrictions, wash our hands, and ultimately stay away from unforeseeable and intangible harm. We will find the off switch, one way or another. We must continue to support our front-liners and continue to pray that they [and all people] remain under the covenant of God. We must pray that all persons that seek to protect us and not judge us are also protected and that we show gratitude and respect.

When are things going to go back to normal, or are they?

Of course, we will return to days of normalcy, but with novel and evolutionary perspectives, a new take on life, love, and living. This is a day in time where people are starting to sift through their lives, gaining new connections while losing others. They [We] are reevaluating their meaning of life and taking the necessary actions to come out of this pandemic stronger. Yes, we are in a financial and economic crisis, but we will all have developed a new game plan. It does seem like 2020 is a year of the reckoning, and maybe it is. Maybe God pressed the reset button on the life of all people to prove a point. You can draw your own conclusion of what point that is. When examining things from a personal perspective, things that are happening in the world, are so many things that people have turned a blind eye to. Too many people in the world have continually engaged in bystander’s effects. Too many people have not fought for what they believed in because they harnessed fears of what others would think of them. Too often, people were too petrified to step out of their comfort zone, reach their full potential, and become a self-actualized individual. Too often, people have stood by and watched the life be snatched out of another person for no rhyme or reason. By people being stuck at home and in front of the televisions and subscribers to social networking sites, people were forced to have a wakeup call. They couldn’t sit or stand around and go on about their lives anymore, because they were forced to stand there and take it. To see the unjust, the inequalities, the lack of opportunities, the disparagement among marginalized and impoverished. Those who are seen as a threat and disproportionately human to so many.  

We will achieve normalcy again. But, do we want to go back the way things were, being the same person we were going into this pandemic. Hopefully, not. Hopefully, we will come out stronger, wiser, compassionate, harmonious, undivided, and forever prepared. Most importantly, we must pray that we come out on the life side of this pandemic. We must never dismiss our past. It is a progression tool to use in tandem with our history, present, and future assessments. Some people need to see firsthand their progress because it becomes a testimony of time. Coming out of this pandemic is going to be a testimony for millions of people worldwide. People will disclose to others, how they contracted the virus, but used their immunity defenses to reign champ. This virus has not only affected those contaminated with its plague, but it has affected people of all backgrounds worldwide. Everyone has felt the impact by not only the Corona, but by Black Lives Matter, as it has forced most people to change their view on life, love, and health. It has afforded people the opportunity to change how they do and approach life and others. These current situations have changed us all, some for better, while others for worse. Nonetheless, we will continue to move forward and wait to see the new days to come that are plague-free and to show off our new self so the whole world can see. 

Angela P – Doctor2B

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