Vegas Strong: 1 October

Today, 3 years ago, on October 1, 2017, 60 innocent people lost their lives to an act of terrorism. Today, we continue to celebrate the lives of those lost, thus keeping their spirits alive given their lives were taking too soon and unwillingly. Today, we continue to pray for the survivors of 1 October, as […]

A Commitment to…

Today I become more culpable than ever Today I take full responsibility for my actions. Today I make a commitment to be my authentic self Today I make a commitment to love myself Today I make a commitment to be my ethical self Today I make a commitment to not cause any undue harm Today […]

Society for Counseling Psychology

Dr. Mary O’Leary Wiley recently wrote to all Division 17 Members, as I am a member, the following statement on today September 14, 2020…. Verbatim….. “Dear Society of Counseling Psychology Community, “We write to our community to encourage us all to take ongoing and proactive action to address anti-Black racism within ourselves and society. As […]

A Vivid Rememberance of the 9/11 terrorist attack

I can still remember vividly where I was and what I was doing when the 9/11 attack occurred. Being a Supervisor of an IT Support groups in Michigan. I sait at my desk and sporadically peeking up to watch the morning news on a corner mounted television while simultaneously getting work done, reports a little […]

Awwww…. You Guys 🥳🙏🏽💃🏿

I would like to say thank you to all of you who have supported me since I started blogging. You guys have shown me nothing but love and support during this blogging journey. You have accepted me into the Blog family without question and I thank you and appreciate each and every one of you […]

Business Venture: Au’Pearce Coaching Services, Inc.

Today I decided to step out and go on a Business venture. I have to decided to start a Life Coaching Business that could caters to those person who experience self-doubt and are not sure as to which direction they want to go in life. I will also provide grieving services to those individuals who […]


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