Welcome President Biden and Vice President Harris

Sighs of relief… Sighs that the world has become more divided than ever even with a diverse Democratic Party who now occupies our senate and White House. Sighs our divergence and convergence. Opportunities may be stricter especially with oppositions being hiring managers and decision makers. Oppositions are ramping up while individuals continue to believe in… Continue reading Welcome President Biden and Vice President Harris

Its only going to get better.

Who run the world? GIRLS. Who run the world? GIRLS. Who run the world? GIRLS. History and an evolution never looked so sweet. The world is emerging and changing with all of us in it. Just a few more hours and history will be made yet again. Change is definitely good.

Behavioral Technology

Hello everyone, I am going in a new direction this year, in 2021, though I may just in and out of consistency at times. Today I launched YT video of my new direction and would like feedback. How does technology influence individuals behaviorally and our society. Check out my video and tell me what you… Continue reading Behavioral Technology

The Invisible Me Revealed

Today I walked into a room full of physical oppositions and no one acknowledged my presence. The room’s lighting was dimmed and I fit into the category of being dark, being/brown black, or African American. The oppositionists filled the room with delightful conversations, most sipping or drinking on the spirits of choice while spilling laughters… Continue reading The Invisible Me Revealed


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