Why are People Not Wearing Mask and Behaving Irresponsibly?

Have you ever entered into a public setting where almost all individuals were barefaced, even in the midst a toxic pandemic that are killing people? Well, I can truly say that I have been this person who seems like I am the only person wearing a mask, only to look a mask-less people with a side and with disgust.

What do you think the reason behind this is?

  1. People don’t care about the safety of themselves or others.
  2. People feel as though they are susceptible to contract the virus and transmit it to others. Meaning they feel as though they walk around in an invisible shield or bubble.
  3. People are followers. They see others who are not wearing masks, so they feel as though they don’t have to either.
  4. People have been infected and feel as though they cannot get the virus a second time.
  5. People have the virus, are asymptomatic, and intentionally go out into large crowd unprotected just so that they can transmit the virus to other people.
  6. People are selfish, they lack compassion for others. They lack empathy for humanity, love, and life.
  7. People are not feelings the pressures of having to wear a mask. Until there have been mandates and penalties set into place, where masks are required, people are not going to possess the common courteous, until they are forced to be law abiding citizens.

What can WE as a SOCIETY do about it?

  1. We can personally practice safe measures by wearing our masks.
  2. We can avoid coming into contact with others who are not wearing masks, thus practicing social distancing.
  3. We can deny people access to our person.
  4. Maskless persons can be denied access and service by franchises, restaurants, and stores. GO STARBUCKS on being Anti-Karen or Anti-Karenism (see link: https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/tips-for-san-diego-starbucks-barista-who-denied-service-to-customer-not-wearing-a-face-mask-nearing-100k/2356533/). NO MASK, NO SERVICE, regardless of their Anti-Masker disposition.
  5. We can remind others to wear their mask by not opening out mouths. Here is how… Wear this t-shirt (https://teespring.com/stores/aupearce) when you go out in public to let people know that we, America, is not playing. This virus is serious, nondiscriminating, and now more than ever, is the time so stop behaving selfishly, unrationally, and uncooperatively.

On a Final Note

If we have disposable masks, we can hand them out in communities of people who cannot afford their own, as we have to strategically and methodologically protect our society regardless of which neighborhood you live in, skin color, profession, political ideology, or disabilities. If we all take one step forward to turn our world around for the better, meaning, wearing mask, social distancing, quarantining when necessary, we would allow the Coronavirus to kill itself instead of feeding and becoming strangers and livelier off the flesh of humans who is doings its leg work and phantomly passing it from person to person, espeically in the event that they are unknowingly aware that they have been directly infected.

For those who do go out into public, wearing a t-shirt that reminds people to wear this mask can act as a positive reinforcer, as they are not only protecting the lives of others, but they are protecting themselves as well.

We will see this through.



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