Decisions. Decisions. and More Decisions

Today I make a personal decision not to be afraid. 

Today I step out on faith and have an intimate conversation with a higher nonphysical power.

The conversation starts with me asking the following questions:

Me: Why am I here? 

Why have you placed me in my current situation?

What is my purpose?

What have I done in my life to serve you that has resulted in me reaching this point in my life, being wealthy but still unhappy?

When will my life take the turn for the bad, resulting in me becoming permanently insignificant?

When will my life take the turn, resulting in my life becoming substantial where my legacy will be passed onto my heirs?

Now, I know that it is not appropriate to ask you, a higher power questions, but what do you do when you become tired and weary; you feel as though you don’t know which direction to turn. 

When you have stood still for so long that you have not shifted or moved for so long.

Jesus, the son of our God and holy savor, responded: My dear child, your life has been planned out for you before the seed was ejaculated and planted in your mother’s womb. 

In reference to the permanent insignificant aspect, I cannot reveal that information to you at this moment, as you will prepare for the moment and jeopardize my planning for your ending.

Me: I do not feel as though I have reached my full potential after all these years. 

Jesus: I understand my child. I have placed you in situations that have challenged you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the longest time. I hate to say this to you, but I have baited you. I have placed you in tumultuous situations to test your faith. To see if you could stand up to the test of time. 

I have placed you in pleasurable situations to shift your negative thinking patterns.

I have placed you in laughable situations to keep you from crying.

I have placed you in lucrative situations to alleviate financial stressors and strains.

I have placed you in mentally stimulating situations to assist you in overcoming depressive moods and thoughts. 

I have placed you in situations to assist you in overcoming stress.

I have placed you in calm situations to assist you in overcoming anxiety ignitions. 

I have placed you in fruitful situations to assist you in overcoming life barriers. 

I have also set in front of you success detours because you have not proven you are ready for the lucrative life and successful abundances I have waiting for you.

However, just because I have placed you in these situations, they were not meant for you to stay. 

My child. I need you to understand that all of the situations that I have subjected you to were with purpose. 

I need you to understand that the persons I brought into your life were for lesson and purpose. 

I also need you to understand that all of the persons I bring into your life are not meant to stay, as they are placed there for a season and a reason.

Me: But, but…

Jesus: Hush, my child. There is nothing you can say to me, as I know your thoughts. I know your feelings. I understand that you are tired and weary. I also know that you want to flee your current situation. But, when examining your faith, it seems that you have lost your faith in me and have placed too much trust in another human, a person who has chosen to disassociate themselves with me and to use me for their personal benefit. A person who feels that my blessings are based on “prayer purchases” when in reality, my blessings do not mandate purchase and are essentially based on a result of authentic belief and prayer and me feeling your heart is in a righteous place. 

My child, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I place people in situations and circumstances, good and bad, based on their beliefs. I have witnessed first-hand that you have started to lose your faith in me, so it was my spiritual duty to place you in more complex and challenging situations to see if you believed in me wholeheartedly and put me before any man and money. 

Yes, you have love, but I have distorted your view.

Yes, you have money, but I have started to depreciate its value.

Yes, you live well, but I have started to distort your thinking patterns.

Yes, you have the life that so many long to live, but with spiritual ill-residual, your life’s worth is slowly dwindling, making you feel poor when you are full of riches. 

You fail to realize, my child, that I am forever in control of all of your life situations and circumstances. 

Believer or nonbeliever, it is inevitable that I play an integral role in human and animal life.

I have created the pathways to heaven, or otherwise. 

I am the sole determiner of how long you live and when it is time for you to die.

My child. Yes, you find yourself in uncomfortable and unkind situations.

My child. Yes, you find yourself in situations that you wish to avoid and get yourself out of, to flee. 

My child. You are not ready to stand on your own spiritually, emotionally, and financially, as I have not placed you in these situations yet.

My child. I will not place these significant abundances upon you until you have restored your faith long-term, and I can witness the changes in your attitudes and behaviors. 

Me: But… But… Father. Let me explain.

Jesus:  No explanation is necessary. I have reinforced that I am in control, and there is nothing you can say or do to change this. 

My child. The question that I have for you is, what are you willing to do to change your attitude and behaviors to show that your life investment remains in the hands of me, your Lord, and Jesus Christ. 

You have been placed in your situation for a reason. 

The only way to leave or flee your current situation and be successful is to show your faith in an un-quizzical manner. 

The only way you can leave or flee your current situation is to show that you still believe and will continue to do so long term. 

The only way I will keep you in this situation is for all parties involved to restore their faith in me, and I will show my appreciation by rewarding you abundantly one-hundred times (100x) over.

As I am your sole life proprietor, I beg of you, my child, to fix the situation that I have created for you.

You may not feel that the situation is stored upon you for purpose, reason, or season, but it has been stored upon you for lesson. If you still feel as though there is a lesson to learn, then stay. If you feel as though you have learned your lesson, then I grant you all rights and permission to leave and flee without consequences or equivocations. 

I know when you have learned your lesson, and I don’t think that you have, otherwise you situation would have changed a long time ago. 

I know when there is more to gain out of situations, even when they are negative, but when you believe you will see the light of the situation and let the negative doer dwell in his or her own pity. 

My child, you are blessed and will forever be blessed.

It is part of human nature for individuals to lose site at one point in time, and in most cases, it is a result of their encounters with nonbelievers, naysayers, wrongdoers, and sinful bringings. 

Believe me my child when I say that I am not perfect, as I have some shortcomings in my physical life, but there were all lessons learned that resulted me being granted afterlife. That granted me being your fathers and savors.

I have you realized how many times I have saved your life, some negative thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors. 

My child, I know you for who you really are, even when you don’t see yourself. 

I know your heart and spirit.

I know your worth.

I see how you sacrifice for others, putting yourself last. 

My child, there is nothing that I would not do for you.

My child. You are my child. You are a piece of me. 

My child. Understand that I have kept you on earth for a reason, irrespective of you knowing this reason, you will soon find out, as you think that you live and stand in your truth. I have something planned for you that is much more pleasurable and lucrative.

I will remove any worry that you have ever had or encountered.

I have started to place influential persons into your life that you have not even seen yet. 

Most importantly, I have started to place you in individuals lives for you to become a blessing to them.

You are on the right path and have always been.

You have proven your faith time and time again and I am forever grateful that you have shown me that you are a true believer, even in the events of situations blinding you of your faith.

You have walked by faith and not by site, which is why you are where you are, in abundance.

You will see that I have set you up for the good and have removed the bad and evil. 

My child. Bless you.

My child. I will continue to bless you as long as you continue to show and share your faith.

You are being guided by me, so understand that I will never steer you down the wrong paths, as all paths set before you will be intentionally fruitful. 


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