For You I Will…Or will you?

For You I Will… Lay My Life on the Line

Whatever the case may be, this statement within itself is a primary determining factor of who you should keep in your life and those persons you should let go and roam free.

In all truthfulness, have you ever come across a person that was willing to give up their all for you”

In all truthfulness, have you ever come across a person that will deny you of full benefits or full access to what you deserve?

Make no mistake. There are some persons who will give you there all, but don’t you find it interesting that these are the persons that do not have much themselves, they are selfless, and have learned to appreciate the value of life and what they have and what it would mean to share their last, even if it means giving up their last.

More importantly, have you ever come across across a person that would give you their last dollar or mean.

If not, you have come across the wrong persons.

Shift gears.

Put your life in reverse.

Put your life in full speed.

Whatever the case, full speed forward or slamming on the breaks, pick up person that will lay their lives on the line for you. Why, because if they will lay their life on the line for you, you are more than likely to lay your life on the line for them.

Keep positive people in your life.

Allow no one to hold you back.

Keep pressing forward and when you find a person that resonate with the philosophy related to the say “for you I will… lay my life on the line…. for you I will lay down and die” then the right person has been placed in your life.

Live well and Love swell.


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