When we become overwhelmed in our daily processes, our thinking capabilities shift dramatically. When we mentally reset due to overwhelmingness, this is not associated with being lazy, procrastinating, or lacking the necessary skills, knowledge, or discipline needed to get a job done. Being overwhelmed is defined as being mentally engulfed or swamped with things to do. For example, I am in the process of working on my doctoral dissertation proposal, and the first three chapters, chapters three out of five, have been reviewed by my dissertation committee. The needed modifications have really taken a mental toll. Outside of this, dealing with stressful life situations, the death of loved ones, and trying to avoid the risk of encountering covid, though fully vaccinated, is a compilation of being overwhelmed. The brain does not have the mental power to process such situations and circumstances simultaneously. The brain’s cognitive and neurological processes fall in the process of subsequent events. This means when something happens, process it and get over it and then move on. But when events compound, the brain becomes confused, and neurons and sensory motors start to misfire. Given this, other bodily organs try to compensate.

Interestingly, God, or whoever you serve, believer or nonbeliever, has chosen to live in heaven rather than on earth. Just think of all the suspenseful questions he would have flowing in his direction from the billions of persons here on earth. However, I must admit, s/he really thought it through as not to remain a physical being but a spiritual one that persons can ask questions, and he can answer them with rapid succession. 

When you stop and take time for yourself to recalibrate your brain, you are engaging in self-care. This is not a method of guilt, as self-care has become essential. This is a method of self-health care management.

I have found that when you become overwhelmed with certain life situations, particularly those you cannot control or handle, yet you still try, you have allowed these situations to consume you, it is a gateway to stress and depression, which results in health debilitations and psychological ill-being.  

I cannot tell you how many times I have sat at a computer screen trying to write a paper in a matter of a day or two only to feel the catastrophic disconnect between my mental mindset, my fingertips on the computer, and what was actually applied to the page. When I went back and read what I type a day or two later, I questioned my writing ability. 

I said to myself, there is no way in hell I wrote this. What was on the page reflects my desperation and not aspiration or intentionality. 

To become overwhelmed does not mean you are testing your strengths or trying to improve your weakness. Becoming overwhelmed with specific activities means that you have taken on so many activities to spread yourself thin that the actions you have dedicated your time to lack qualities you and others know you can meet and even exceed.

So, why spread yourself so thin?

Why do you take on unnecessary tasks and try to complete them immediately, but they do not require immediate attention and could be completed on a futuristic date? Yes, some situations mandate urgent attention, even those requiring an in-depth overview or evaluation. Say to yourself out loud all of the things you have on your plate. Categorize them in order of importance. 

In doing this, you are engaging in developing a structured life. 

You are developing an organized life. 

One that works for you and not one that you work for.

Being overwhelmed is a personal trait and not one that solidifies or defines who you are or who you yearn to be. Most people take on various tasks to feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement and eventually reach a certain level of success.

Some key elements that most persons encompass to combat overwhelmingness are:

– Operationalize

V – Vigilance

E – Enthusiasm 

R – Resilience

W – Worth

H – Happiness

E – Emotionally Intelligent

L – Love of Self

M – Meaningfulness

E – Eagerness

D – Determination

Stop self-overwhelming. Take things as they come. Process them. Lay them out in the order of importance. Know that life inevitably occurs, and there are times when life will happen that may result in your working harder. 

This only means you must work smarter. 

This also means that some things you felt should have occurred already may take a bit longer, but when you have a high level of determination, even life hurdles cannot and will not stop you from achieving or accomplishing what you set out to do.

Trust yourself.

Trust the process.

Trust in the higher power, whichever one you serve.

Never take your eye off the prize.

Know that everything you have, earned, or accomplished, or will achieve is all because of the time and effort you invested into building you. 

When you put nothing in, you get nothing. 

When you put your all in, accomplishments and opportunities become endless.

Stay on a straight and narrow path. It is hard, and you may venture off at times but know that your successes are in your path and not others. 

Your success is already laid out and manifested for you. 

Your success is waiting for your arrival.  

Go Get What’s Yours.


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