Live Your Life Without Regret

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Today, and from here on out, I take the time to appreciate life. I have come to a realization that life is only as long as GOD allows us to live here on earth. 

I realized it then but have recently developed substantial clarity that when GOD calls you to come home, there is nothing you or anyone can say or do about it. 

I have learned that we need to appreciate life and live life to the fullest. We all strive to live up to our full potential. But, what about persons who were not provided with the opportunity. Meaning their lives were taken by way of gun violence, suicide, or the means of someone else. We all deserve a chance to live; otherwise, GOD would not have made it possible for us to be born into this world. 

I suggest that when we are afforded the opportunity, we need to find our purpose and live and stop depending on others for handouts or affirmation. You are the only person that can validate and sustain your success. You are the only person who can be you, as no other person knows how to be a better or authentic you. Reveal your potential and show the world that you have more to offer. Let society know that you are a good person and that you don’t fit into the stereotypes and prejudices that have been placed upon you even before you came into this world.

Today and forever, I pray for benediction. I repent all my sins, negative thoughts, and actions. I promise to myself and society that I will also try to do the right thing even in the face of adversity. I understand that there are negative and cold-hearted individuals in this world. There are also individuals in this world that will inevitably go through things. For example, situations that may cloud their judgments momentarily, as that only means I need to remove myself from those situations and continue to press on and not feed into their negativity or opposition that has been instilled within them, temporarily or otherwise.  

Surrounding yourself with positivity, positive people, and engaging in positive and mentally stimulating activities can significantly enhance personal well-being and life satisfaction. Positive affectives remediate negative situations and negative thoughts, feelings, and ruminations.

At some point in y[our] life, you will reflect. In most instances, self-reflections are choices, whereas, in other situations, they inevitably occur without notice. In contrast, our unconscious and conscious states join forces taking precedence, forcing us to face the truths and realities that we have tried so hard and long to avoid. 

Listen to yourself. Follow your heart. Take chances. Do something that you have never done before but always wanted to. React to situations and circumstances intelligently, embrace your emotional and social intelligence. Live your life and let go of the things you have no control over. Make the most of being you and let no one deter you from being happy and prosperous. Love yourself first. Otherwise, you are no use to others. Afterall, tomorrow is not promised to anyone, and it will come and go with or without us.

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