👏 Yay!!!

Thanks to all followers and visitors who liked my post. I am on my way to greatness.

Here are a few things that you may want to know about me.

Name: Angela Pearce

Residential Destination: United States, Nevada but not my final destination, as I plan on traveling more to see the world.

What is my age?

HEY! Never ask a girl her age.

What is my profession? IT Consultant

Education? Masters in Science of Psychology, currently pursuing my Doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis in the Integration of Technology, Learning, and Psychology.

Getting a doctoral degree has always been a goal. I have been part of the doctoral program for two years now and my anticipated completion year is 2022-23. Given that the program that I am engaged in at Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix, AZ. GO LOPES!, the COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped my progress but only propelled me. I spend most of my days engaging in course work and research. This iterative and rigorous process is not easy as it takes time, dedication, self-discipline, and hard work.

What is my favorite Food? Indian Food – I can eat this everyday, but have made it an every Friday tradition.

What is my favorite Color?

Do I have children? Yep, 2.

What do I like to do for fun?

Yes, I’m a lame. I love to stay at home and do nothing, even if it means working on the computer, all day, cleaning, cooking, reading, and spending time with family. Home is where my heart is. What’s wrong with that? To me. Not-a-thing

What my favorite place to travel?

Truthfully, anywhere outside of the United States. As I really appreciate different cultures, eclectic music and cuisines, site seeing, shopping experiences, and just being a part of something different and unqiue.

What are your future goals and what is on your bucket list?

  1. To establish a reputation as a scholar.
  2. Become a voice for underrepresented and underserved population.
  3. Become a college professor and obtain a tenure.
  4. To travel more.
  5. To increase my social network.
  6. To give back to impoverished communites and those in dire need.
  7. To help bridge the technological gaps between the digital divides and generations.
  8. Continue to improve, mentally, spiritually, academically, and professionally.

Did I miss anything. What else do you want to know about me? leave me a comment and I will answer the question based on its appropriation.

Au’Pearce 2020


  1. MissBluw · August 29


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  2. 13lizzies · August 29

    Hello fellow Nevadan!

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  3. Offshorewriter · August 29

    Quite interesting answers. Congratulations on your 200 followers and more to come. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Pearce · August 29

      Hi Offshorewriter, Thank you. Not quite 200 followers but 200 likes. I will do a happy dance once I reach the 200 follower mark. LOL

      Liked by 2 people

      • Offshorewriter · August 29

        Oops… sorry for that! I was semi sleeping when I typed that comment. But trust me….it is a advance wishes. 😄😄😄 You gonna reach 200 followers soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Angela Pearce · August 29

        Thanks. Get some test. 🙂

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      • Offshorewriter · August 29

        Test not required! 😄 I woke up in the middle of the night and because I couldn’t sleep I was checking WP. 😉

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  4. Anonymous · August 29

    Hi Offshorewriter, Thank you. Not quite 200 followers but 200 likes. I will do a happy dance once I reach the 200 follower mark. LOL

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  5. Dulcy Singh · August 29

    Congratulations!! It was really great knowing more about you. Happy to know that you love Indian cuisine 👍👍

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  6. ashok · August 29

    Wow Angela. You are such an amazing young lady. May God fulfil all your worthwhile dreams and desires.

    We have some things in common – IT consulting; Indian food, Love of travel

    But I left consulting many years back, have Indian food everyday and have traveled a lot 😹

    Love and blessings 🤗

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    • Au’Pearce · August 29

      Hi Ashok. I’m on the verge of leaving the IT Consultant field as well. Starting my own Life Coaching practice, do motivational speaking, pay attention to scholarly practices and research, and become an higher learning professor at a university for both traditional and distant learning. Oh yeah and travel more post-Covid.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ashok · August 29

        Wow. I too am a Life Coach but have been doing it at family and friends level only.

        All the very best my dear. God be with you

        Liked by 1 person

      • Au’Pearce · August 29

        Cool. I too have been doing it at that level and now feel a need to expand my horizon as I have receive a masters degree in the field and working on completing my certification with international coaching association (IAC).

        Good bless you as well.

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      • ashok · August 30


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  7. Gerald Phish · August 29

    Congrats miss!!

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  8. Subrata Mukherjee · September 8

    Great work of yours 👍

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