We Walk and Stand Together

Racial unrest and Injustice continues to cause and uproar in the entire nation. Professional sport teams are walking off playing fields to support the continued police brutality that continues to transpire and anti-humanistic behaviors that continue to plague our nation.

The vast majority hear the cry of blacks. How can they not after watching the life being pressed out of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor being shot in the privacy of her own home while in the bed asleep, and now Jacob Black, where a police offer emptied his entire clip into his back, paralyzing him, and also claim to be handcuffed to his bed while remaining in the hospital (see video: https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/27/us/jacob-blake-wisconsin-thursday/index.html).

Why Though? Why are so many people’s lips still sealed. Does this mean that you simply don’t care? Does this really mean that you don’t care about humanity? Does this really mean that you don’t care about Black Lives and only care about people you are familiar with? What is it? The question is on the table. Let’s talk. What is it abou Black people that makes you so terrified of them, to make you feel as though they are a threat? What is it about Blacks that makes you want to shoot them in the back. That makes you want to put a knee on Blacks (with a capital B) necks, resulting in their death where the world could see, as you pose so heroically. What is it about blacks that makes you feel that you can walk into their private santuaries in the wee hours of the night and shoot them down like they were nothing? What is this, is this a game of black purging or extermination, an elimination of the competition? Is this just another method of getting a notch on your belt? What has Black people done to YOU, that makes you fell that they are less than or unequal? Someone please clarify this for me, as I am all ears and willing to listen?

Lord Wipe Away These Tears

We are tired of crying for our Black brothers and sister. We are tired of being considered outcasts. We are tired of not being provided with similar housing, employment, insurance, and life opporunities as our white counterparts. It is mentally exhausting when getting pulled over by police for Driving While Black (DWB), Walking While Black (WWB), or Running While Black (RWB) or being redlined. The world was not built by the hands of white men. It was built by the hands of all men, mostly those of color. We all deserve a fair share of all that the world has to offer, and until all people (Blacks & Whites) start to aknowldge what is happening in this world, this now vividly anti-Colorism world, then the outcries will continue. Peaceful protests will persist, as people from distinctive ethnic and cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and values continue to show up and show out. The world is evolving and until people develop a revoluntary, as opposed to a retrospective, mindset, then these demonstrations will not subside. The Corona outbreak is pushing us into a novelty world, one that will substantially diminish the stressors and strains that Blacks have faced their entire lives. Yes, people will continue to hold their anti-attitudes and pro-white disposition, as all people are entitle to their own beliefs, and values. However, that does not mean that one has to disrespect, partake in physically contact with malicious intent, or cause others bodily harm or death. Having your own beliefs and values is part of the world’s molding. Again, just because you believe one thing and someone else beliefs anoter, does not give you a civil right to cause unjust nor unrest. We all should agree to disagree. I respect your outlook on certain life situations, and that should be reciprocated. End of story.

Most people may look at all that Blacks do and all that we say and simply say, it does not matter, as things are not going to be changed in their favor, and the world is not going to give then special treatment. See, this is the issue. Black people are not asking for special treatment, nor are they asking for the world to change based on special privileges or merits. Black people are standing up to the face of lack of diversity and inclusivity, simply to say that we are not different than any other person in this world. Yes, our skin tones and hair textures may be different, but these are unique characteristics that we all should appreciate. Furthermore, we all have developed a stereotype of phsysical characteristics and behaviors. But, when you examine the situation, wherein, stepping back to see the whole picture, all of these biases and prejudices starts at home.

It starts in an individuals living and learning environment. Children talk on the attitudes of their parents becuase they have not entered into a world where they can have personal experiences. So, if parents are biased, the children will be as well. If school teachers are biased, then they may teach such behaviors to their students. If a persons friends feel that it would be funny to bully or dehumanize another individual then both parties will engage in such behavior even if the other person do not agree with it. The same goes for relationships. Women are more likely to take on the attitudes of their romantic partners, even if it goes agains their moral judgment or compass. This does not necessary mean being anti-colorists, this means taking on any anti- or pro-attitude of a given partner. What does this mean? This mean that we have conform the significance of interpersonal relationships, even if it means looking friends and gaining those that you “tolerate.”

Parents or not, children should be taught to love one another, regardless of a persons identity. We all know better. This mean that we all have the mental and physical capacity to DO BETTER and BE BETTER. Children are our future, and if this racial unrest and unjust nonsense do not stop now, in another 57 years, people from all diverse backgrounds will still be marching on Capital Hill in Washington DC in the same manner that Martin Luther King Jr. did. In the same way that people are doing today, on Friday August 28, 2020. We will continually have the same dreams, the same hope, and the same equality aspirations, but until those dream-stoppers and nightmare inducers sleep, many nights will continue to be filled with horror and terror.

A Strong Support System

We all must stand together. We all must walk together. We all have to run together in order for change to happen. We are not asking for any favors or monetary gifts. We are simply asking everyone to lift their voices so that we all are provided with the chance of experiences equality in all aspects of the world we live in and call home. We must continually fight and build a support system no force can break down.


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