Falling in Love on Short Notice

Love and its new meanings

When you fall in love, do you really know the person that you are falling in love with? When you fall in love, does your partner or significant other, know who he or she is falling for? In most cases, not. In these contemporary and modern times, love is not defined in the same way as it was retrospectively. When it comes to love, so many people use the term so loosely, not necessarily understanding the significant meaning, bondage, and attachment.

When it comes to love, we all have our own distinct meanings, as to who and what we love. In rare forms, we adopt a deep affection. We love those who love us back. But what happens when love does not work out in your favor and you have emotionally fallen in love with someone that does not feel the same or have lost the love, lust, and sparks that originally brought you two together.

Broken but Mendable

So many times loves does not go right and can play tricks on you. Before love it so powerful, it frequently it vibes and energy can become misrepresented or ill-received. Sometimes you feel as though you may hate yourself and the life that you are living, but that is ok. Sometimes you may lack love for yourself because you have given it all ways to an external mutation. These are normal feelings. Love affect people differently. Some people have hearts of steels and can get over relational and romantic breakups instantly, while others have blubber hearts, those that are spongy and absorbs whatever life throughs in their direction. However, in this case, just as love is absorbed, it can be expunged. The most fragile hearts are the ones that are broken the most frequently, those made of glass or crystal, and even gold, those that are shattered easily and it takes a microscope and a miracle to put the heart back together again.

Let not others determine the strength or fragility of your heart. Yes, loving hard means that you are more susceptible to heartache and heartbreak, but why do we give outsiders the power over our most vital organs, our brains, and hearts, our central control centers. When we allow others to come into our hearts, we feel as though we have developed a certain level of trust and respect for this individual and they will never do us wrong.

You and only you have the power to keep your heart from breaking and to mend your heart in ways that bring it back to life. To increases its vitality and durability for other interpersonal and romantic experiences However, when getting over a situation instantaneously, one may doubt our factual love and claim it to be fake. Not Cool. How are you doubt the love I had for you. It happens.

Falling in love means that we have handed our hearts, a lifeline that has been placed in the protection of other. But, is that really love. Comparatively, when others give us the title to their heart, do we necessarily treat it in the same manner that we’d treat our own. We are our own lifeline. We are the only person that can protect our entire being, mentally, physically, psychologically, and wholeheartedly. This is not to say that you should not give others your heart as a keepsake, but if and when you do, you have the responsibility to check on its subjective well-being frequently. Allow no one to do with your heart as they will. Your heart (and brain) is the most fragile organ, and one simple drop can leaving you lifeless.

Falling in love on short notice does not necessarily mean that you have to hand your heart over to the person you think “the one.” Before we can give our heart to someone else we want to make sure that its as healthy as can be, with no bumps, bruised, or cracks, otherwise it is useless. When we give others a fragile heart, we have just added them into our emotional turmoil equation to where our actions and behaviors will start to reflect what others have done. Thus, they start to take on an unwarranted burden that was brought into their life without any inclusion.

When it comes to our hearts, we must first stop and think about its vitality and longevity. Our heart is a surviving and defense mechanism that will be with us until we take out last breathes. Control it. Take care of it. Allow others in, but don’t allow them to fully possess it, otherwise set ourselves up for heartache and heartbreak, disappointment, and emotional turmoil. When you maintain possession of your heart and build an entry and exit path, you will sustainably possess the necessary tool to resuscitate it and mend it when needed.

Giving our heart, body, mind, and soul to external factors, means that we have given up on ourselves entirely, and we have left it to others to determine how we live and how we die.

Your life if your own. Cherish it. Never allow anyone to steal your heart. If you do ensure that its not the whole thing, otherwise it can be have a detrimental effect, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


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