COVID Uptick? Yup, it’s happening and we’re not even over the first wave. Talk about a deadly collision

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Reports are showing that this is an uptick in COVID-19 cases in several states. Reports has suggested that the state of Arizona has reached its records number of cases in a single day-24 hours. Florida has 2600 new cases as of today. Brazil, as 35,000 cases were reported in 24 hours for those persons tested, but what about the persona who don’t get tested, symptomatic or asymptomatic.

People.are ignoring social distancing. People are nor wearing masks; they think that they are less susceptible to attack the virus, but little do they know they can, and they will, which will result in the virus being transmitted to others. Reports have shown that this viral plague is power; it continues to modify itself through person to person transmission, which is why it’s so challenging to develop a definitive vaccination.

You see people in public setting reconnection with people they do not live with, absent-masking hugging and kissing. They gather in restaurants, parks, outdoor malls, bars, on the streets, now casinos, or any place that has reopened for business. We are not in a business as usual state yet. We remain in a pandemic state, a worldwide pandemic. Not only that, but we are also facing global racial tensions that jas caused people to hit the streets and partaking in strategic protests. Most wearing masks while some completely exposed.

Wearing masks has become part of our daily attire, social distancing has become a routine practice particularly when we go out on public. What aspect of this is comprehensive to so many people who love and breathe the same air as everyone else?

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Given that so many people refuse to abide by social rules, there will continue to be a spike in cases, a spike in hospitalizations, which will unfortunately lead to an anomaly of what could have been avoidable deaths. People’s irresponsible behaviors, those of all ages, are manufacturing murderous and manslaughtering tactics. How many people will it take to loose their lives and loved ones before people really get it. So people need visuals, like in the case of George Floyd where the world witnesses the breath being miraculously sucked out of him. Will people who are dying from COVID need to be televised for people to grasp the seriousness of this ghostly and swiftly moving disease.

Here in Nevada, the uptick exists, as the state has not been spared. Reopening businesses and casinos is only making situations worse, as it is expected that approximately 200,000 Americans will lose their life to the page by October 2020, and they think it’s okay. It is a notnuntil a person becomes exposed and me succumbed to harsh symptoms that that they will truly get it. Yes, I do understand that the economy is dying, just as the people living in it, but how many lives will be sacrificed to rebuild the economy back to a stable state.

We don’t know. No one knows. Not even economists. Most of their reports have been guesstimates, anticipatory into 2025 or longer of when we will get back on our feet and unemployment rates again reach a lower percentage.

So, all in all, the most important takeaway from this is to ”wear your mask,” social distancing or not. They have become a necessity if you don’t have a mask, invest in one, or ask for one. People would be happy to assist, especially of it means saving your life, theirs, and others. Refrain from going out until you have fulfilled the obligation to assure that everyone is safe. Wearing mask should no longer be voluntary but mandatory.

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