GCU Hotel Temporarily Closed???? Oh My… Doctoral Residencies To Take Place Elsewhere???? Oh My…

Grand Canyon University expansion has enhanced the area, officials say
Image from https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2017/02/15/grand-canyon-university-expansion-adds-surrounding-area-phoenix-officials-say/97964172/

Being that the pandemic continues to place people in an uncertain space. I must report that the Grand Canyon University Residencies for the year 2020 that were set to take place at the Grand Canyon University Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, will no longer take place at that specific location. GCU organizers are diligently working to find an alternativ, germ and contaminated free location where the residencies can take place, so that doctoral students such as myself, can obtain physical experience, as this second residency will be the start to the dissertation writing journey that will lead to committee assignment, constructive feedback, social networking, and a plethora of experiences and opportunities. So, until further notice, residency dates have been set but there is not set location of where these residencies will take place. I will stay tuned until futher notices. Until then I will continue to actively engage in course work.

2020 Grand Canyon University Club Pickleball - eTeamSponsor
Go LOPES!!!!!!! Image from https://app.eteamsponsor.com/ETS/supportUs/233889686?fund_participant_id=233889697

Grand Canyon University is a Christian University that takes pride in it status and welcomes people from all walks of life, worldwide. If you ever feel the need to continue your academic success, GCU is the place to be as they offer online and offline course, which ever is convenient for you.

The GCU will afford you the experience of meeting lovely people, those with similar and different worldview. It will offer you the experience of being a better, more knowledgable, and disciplined self.

For more information view the links below and check them out…

If you are a GCU student, I’d love for you to share your experience.

If you are thinking about continuing your education journey, let me know and maybe I can give you some pointers…




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