Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)

Will you show up and show out. For most, no for all people in the world this need to chafe for the better. People do not only need to stand up to police brutality, but they need to stand up to systemic racism and humanity. We are all humans and live in one America, one world. Most people turn their backs to change even if its for the better. Most people refuse to engage in sensitive topic conversation because they are not sure how to start it or response to it. Well, SURJ has made the topic a bit easier. This site provides information about racism to all persona irrespective of color. Race is a sensitive topic but it must not be avoided any longer. People who wish to seek a greater understanding of racial injustice, profiling, and how to eradicate or eliminate race inequalities visit the SURJ website where everything is laid out in layman’s term.
if your questions are not answered you are welcome to ask.
During these current times, chanting voices and peaceful protesting reigns the nations. If you are going to lift your voice silently at least do it in a well-informed mannerism and allow yourself to reflect on your attitudes and behaviors because even contactless, nonphysical, unintentional, and unconscious biases and prejudices can elicit hurt, induced anxiety, stress, and even death.
Knowledgeable is power and it we all are more astute in what systematic racism consist of and how to combat it. We as a whole can make the world a better place, respectfully.

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