Congrats Class of 2020 from myself and the Queen B

This year you have reachEd a milestone that so many people were denied. This yearIn 2020 you have reached a destination where people where deterred or faced toad blocks. Today you have accomplished the greatest success by fighting through a pandemic, social isolation, stay-at-home orders, risks of and victimization. Our 2020 grads, you the next generation, you our future have set the bar higher for those who wish to follow in your footsteps, the generation that will come after you, the generation they now looks up to you for guidance and more support. Today we continue to live in a disparagingly diverse world where all people are not treated the same compassion or the same dignity. Today there continues to be an outcry for equality not only among races, but among sexuality, pay, opportunity, healthcare insurance and treatment, and among a treatment of those considered to be others or aliens. You as class of 2020 did this together, in unison, without deterrent, but with the profundity that this will show and prove to the world that I can do and I will do. This year, in 2020, you did. You all have become graduates in your own right. You have acquired an accolade they is irrevocable and irreversible. You have become a better you and you have shown and proven that you have the wherewithal to take on challenges. You have the wherewithal and strength to push through any barriers, to maneuver under, around, under, or over any hurdles that is put in your path. You as graduates have kept your eyes on the prize and have accomplished a goal that attributed to your increase self-actuality and self-efficacy. Future endeavors and plethora of opportunities lie ahead and will provide you with choices. Don’t let this be you final accomplishment. Continue to navigate the world like you own it, like Beyonce say, create your own stage so they others can watch you perform. Show your talent. Show who and what you are capable of. Even in the midst of the naysayers and haters, let that be fuel to your fire that allows you to continue to fight for yourself, others, and what your believe in. The world is changing and will continue to evolve We can worry about those persons with retrospective attitudes and dispositions. We have to be own own leader. We have to fight our own fight. We have to master what others said that we could not. We have to to be self-determined, disciplined, and objective. Class of 2020 you have won. Continue to win. The power in you cannot be weakened unless you allow it to be. Give no one else control over your life and destiny. Never regret your accomplishments or regrets. Keep being the person you have learned to be. Continue to be a SELF-master and set goals. Class of 2020. I am so proud of you and wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors and pray that you continue to thrive and strive to always be the better you in every way.
Congratulations class of 2020.



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