The unexplained and unpredictable

Yesterday, November 23rd would have marked 72 years – and the inability and denial to complete life.

The majority of yesterday, I felt extremely sad.

Today is Thanksgiving, yet, it marks 4 months – 4 months that has resulted in everyday and those following, being filled with great sadness, heartbreak, loneliness, and immense pain.

Today marks 4 months of experiencing love and loss simultaneously – a feeling that I wish no one in this world would ever experience. However, this is a result of the unexplained, unimaginable, unpredictability, and the inevitable.

Today, marks 4 months that reminds me to be thankful for every single life encounter, no matter how big, minuscule, rewarding, or devastating.

Today, on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2022. I am extremely thankful and grateful for life and love. I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to fall in love with my soulmate and give my soulmate the opportunity to fall in love life never before. My soulmate was a person that God charismatically and purposefully placed in my life for a reason and what seems like just for a little while.

Recently, I have been unhappy, angry, emotionally challenged, exhausted, loved, appreciated, and worried. However, I continually find the strength to get up each and every morning to accomplish something in life, each and every day, even if it’s big or small. My life’s objective has been to always show up in welcomed and uninvited territory, with and without permission.

I so many ways I try to overcome the unexplained and unpredicted even though I know that these are situations that I cannot control.

In so many ways, I take this time to wish you all the best and happiest thanksgiving and wish that we would take the time to appreciate love and one another.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Stop trying to explain was is predetermined and inevitable. It will make our lives so much more easier and stress free. However, I too know that we are all human and these will be extremely difficult tasks to accomplish.

Love self and others.



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