Happy Fourth of July: 2022

Today many people will celebrate July 4th, or what is considered Independence Day.

This is a day that many people are supposed to be brave, happy, in a celebratory mood, without riffraff; without drama; without death by terror or massive shootings.

Today is the day where many people attend house/backyard barbecues, block parties, parades, neighborhood parks, and enjoy fireworks displays. Most adults are drinking their spirits of choice responsibly. Children are playing among themselves. Individuals are dressed in their red, white, and blue attire. Mostly, individuals are engaged with others on a positive front. These engagements are filled of laughter, storytelling, shared experiences, social support, and feelings of social connectedness and belongingness.

On this day, the Fourth of July, for all persons that are do-gooders, who have fought and continues to fight a good fight, those that care about Americans, its culture, inclusivity, its diversification, and its ability that allows individuals to reach new heights and to fully embrace who they are, and yearn to be without feelings of embarrassment, entitlement, ridiculed, ostracism, or being overlooked, I salute you.

You have shown American what a true America looks like. A person who does not have any ill-intent, and who are not judgmental, and one that sees another person potential.

Today is the Fourth of July and we celebrate with fireworks.

Let this not be the day that we end our celebration, but we celebrate every day of the year, day in and day out, by appreciating who we are, those different and familiar.

Let this be the day that we channel our inhibitions or cognitive biases, to state that we are better and we will do better. We will continue to fight a good fight so that Americans are all equal, as defined by the God.

I wish all Americans and all non-Americans a very happy celebration and living a life that is true to self, thus being without judgement, or casting out others due to their unfamiliarity or difference. We as humans are better and know that we can do better.

Think for “yourself”, not caring what others will think of you. This is the only way that the world will heal.

Happy Fourth of July Americans, and Happy Day to everyone else…. Today, tomorrow, yesterdays, and for all days to come.

We are good human.

We are righteous.

We care for one another.

We love one another.

Most importantly, we love one another, wholeheartedly.


Au’Pearce, 2022


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