What Does Your Life Look Like… continued…

We are still discussing the topic: What does your life look like, futuristically, when you put your past, present, and past experiences behind you?

… Just because your moral compass has majorly deposited experiences into your psyche and used this as a tool for navigating life doesn’t mean you are in control of yourself. So many people wish to change things in their lives, something that they have experienced, but like it or not, you cannot. You cannot escape life experiences no matter how hard you try to forget them.

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Some people wish loved ones back into their lives or wish they had never met certain characters. Some people account for specific experiences, while others may deny them. What we must realize is that our every encounter has meaning. Some human exchanges and experiences are good, while others are unpleasant. Some people use their good or bad experiences for good, while others use them diabolically, but these encounters taught us life lessons. Physical interactions are a mainstay of how we maneuver in life. They have become a part of who we are, our characters. They have assisted with the shaping and reshaping of our personalities. Life experiences have taught us about ourselves, our likes and dislikes, have to deal with happy and stressful times, the foreseeable and the inevitable. 

Although we as humans are social creatures, our experiences have also taught us how to be alone and not feel lonely or isolated. Our adventures continue to be driving forces in our lives. The engagements that many so lovingly enjoy and even those we wish never existed have made navigating life easier and resulted in how we embrace or deal with new encounters and social networks. 

So, look around. What would my life look like if I had the mental capacity or brain power to erase specific past experiences forever? Do you think your mental purge of past experiences would result in a perfect present and future?

What if you choose to erase something or someone that resulted from you reaching specific goals or overcoming particular life challenges. At some point in your life, these past experiences had meaning, even if they were undesirable or unpleasant. We state the claims that we only want to focus on positive experiences and not ruminate on the negative ones, but what most of us do not realize is that most of those negative experiences are a result of us being who we are today, but wait…



There’re more.


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