What does your life look like, futuristically, when you put your past, present, and past experiences behind you?

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It is undeniable that humans are emotional beings, especially women, and everything they experience, past, present, and future, will be a part of their lives forever. Many people try to forget and move on, but those feelings or emotions do not dissipate so quickly when you have had an experience with other individuals who have touched your soul. In contrast, these emotional experiences become a part of your natural being, like it or not. They become stories you tell others. These experiences become part of how you adjust and navigate the rest of your life. 

With that being said, what do you think your life would look like if you had the mental capacity or brain power to think about what you experienced in the past, especially experiences that you wish that you could erase from your memory forever. Especially things that you wished you had never experienced or experienced first-hand. I am not talking about a form of amnesia. However, what I am talking about is a person’s decision to optionally and freely erase, without consequence, their past, present, or future (no, you cannot jot down that you are successful, educated, a multimillionaire or billionaire, or met one, whereas you are set for life). This means that whatever you have already experienced in life, you can erase, meaning, ANYTHING. 

Look. Humans live. Humans will inevitably have experiences. Humans see or witness their own stories, but they also vicariously share the experiences or stories of others, especially if they attentively listen to what others have to say and they care. Or especially if they are in a relationship with a romantic partner or spouse, another person’s experience becomes your experience, even when you remember the experience differently.

Listen. I asked the question for a reason. I have reached an age where I no longer give a damn about specific (unimportant) individuals, how they feel, or how my presence, judgment, character, successions, failures, and experiences affect how I maneuver in life.  No, I am not being facetious. I am being honest, transparent, and disclosing my authentic self, and so should you. 

Why would you want to navigate your life based on others’ opinions or experiences or what they feel is good for you when you know yourself better than anyone else.

I have concluded that I am the only person I need to please. 

I have come to a consensus that there would be no me without my personal life experiences. 

I have come to a consensus that I (YOU) DO NOT need anyone other than myself to validate who I am, where I come from, where I currently stand, or how I progress in life, live or die.

I have come to a consensus that my life experiences are those that have or will turn me into my authentic self, whatever that may be. Someone that is strong-minded, studious, independent, open-minded, free-spirited, and does not allow experiences to define my holistic self. 

In life, we must continually understand that we evolve based on our experiences. 

Let me be extremely clear: I have concluded that my personal life experiences have become my moral compass for navigating life, past, present, and futuristically, but wait… 



There’s more…

Hold up. I did say that these experiences does not define my personal being or where I yearn to go or to be. There is more to the story, so brace yourself and ready attentively, as a I am sure I am not alone in my personal experiences.


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