Better Health Equates to Being or Becoming a Better You, Inside and Out – PART II

I know I said I would report back in 10 days to report the results from the Master Cleanse, but I decided to extend the diet a few more days. Yesterday, after 14 days, two weeks, I finished the lemonade diet, the Master Cleanse. Though not fully taking my hand off the reset button, I will continue with alcohol absence until the end of June. I must say that mentally preparing myself for this journey made the process that much easier. The diet consisted of no food intake at all. You start with a flush of either warm salt water or an herbal detox tea. For me, I opted for the detox tea, of which I boiled two tea bags in water and added a bit of maple syrup for sweetener and drank it the night before the diet kicked off. I must say, come sunrise, the flush began. It is recommended that you stay home all day while doing the tea flush whereas, the flush is real. 

For the saltwater flush, the flush usually starts about 30 minutes to an hour after you chug down the drink and is recommended that it be consumed on an empty stomach, meaning, in the morning before breakfast. 

I opted for the tea as it usually takes a few hours to kick in as it methodically and systematically flushes you, resulting in an explosive experience.

For the first few days, I felt fine. I didn’t miss food or anything and stuck to the regimen of drinking three glasses of 16 oz of the lemonade concoction daily. 

I must say, the one thing that I did not give up was a morning cup of coffee, of which I added maple syrup for sweetener and not the granulated sugars.

By day 5, I was down 8 pounds and was loving it. I started to feel lighter. I didn’t feel bloated. I began to feel a sense of rejuvenation. My skin looked clearer. I slept better, and my mental health had seemingly improved. I only felt anxious a couple of times, and that was because of schoolwork, thinking that I had not completed a task when I was ahead of myself in work. I did not crave anything, not even alcohol, as I didn’t miss the glass of wine I’d usually luxuriate over after a hard day’s work.

I started to feel good about myself. I was not upset that I had gotten the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life. I came to a realization that it was not a setback, especially not a predictable that I could blame on someone else. This was my fault. I ate junk food, and I allowed others to stress me the hell out, which deteriorated not only how my body responded to certain situations but had dramatically slowed down my metabolism and how it processed foods. I was the blame. So, I chose to be the solution. I decided to take matters into my own hands and will continue to do so by losing the weight and maintaining it. My daily calorie intake will stay at or below the recommended daily allowance. For my body, to date, is 2000 calories, but 1500 calories, a caloric deficit, to maintain my current body weight or to lose one pound in a matter of one week. I still have four pounds to go, so 1500 calories it is, and I should be where I need to be by the end of July 2021.

My weigh-in dates while on the Master Cleans were as follows:

  • Day 1 = 06/07 @ 164 lbs. – I went and got an essential Vitamin IV-Drip and Whole-Body Cryotherapy (WBC) 
  • Day 3 = 06/09 @ 160 lbs.
  • Day 7 = 06/13 @ 156 lbs.
  • Day 10 = 06/16 @ 153 lbs.
  • Day 11= 06/17 @ 152 lbs. – I went and got an essential Vitamin IV-Drip, CryoSlimming, and WBC
  • Final Day, Day 14 = 06/20 @149 lbs. 

While not reaching my goal weight of 145 in a matter of two weeks, in total, I lost 15 lbs., between sizes 2 and 4. I still have this stubborn belly fat that refuses to leave no matter how strenuous my workouts or diets. I mean, I still have a flat tummy, but there is still a bit of jiggle and an invasion of my waistline. A good 5-10 lbs. that I could live without. I just started the CryoSlimming procedure, so we’ll see what that does. Based on reports, it takes a few sessions and weeks to months to see actual results. Reports have shown that fat has been cryo-eliminated won’t return. I’ll just have to wait and see. 

Now comes the eating healthily and toning process.

Today I started the process of easing off Master Cleanse. This process entails following a daily regimen, whereas, on Monday, Day 1 – ONLY drink several 8 oz of freshly squeezed Orange Juice. Drinking the lemonade concoction is not necessary.

Tuesday, Day 2- Add vegetable soup to diet. My preference is tomato and basil soup. I will do this for two days even though it is recommended that it be done in one day. So, this will be my Day 2 and Day 3.

Wednesday, Day 3 = eat only fresh fruit and raw vegetables. I have created a vegetable medley of carrots, broccoli, celery, cucumbers, and tomatoes—no dipping sauce. I will do this for two days, drinking OJ only in the morning to help support my digestive system. I will then have a bowl of soup for lunch and fresh fruit or raw veggie medley for dinner. This will be my Day 4 and Day 5. This is also the day that I will start my morning exercise and stretching routine.

Thursday, Day 4 – Eat regularly, small portions while avoiding dairy products, processed foods, and eating very little meat. This will be my Day 6. Morning exercise and stretching will continue.

The big question is, what would be my first typical meal. Well, while I have been yearning to get back to eating Indian food. I will start doing meal preps for thirty days, whereas I eat the same thing every day for one week for four weeks. 

Week 1, Baked chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and jasmine rice. 

Week 2, Baked salmon/fish, baked sweet potatoes, and a side salad.

Week 3, Grilled chicken salad or Grilled chicken quinoa salad.

Week 4 will be an assortment of choices: bunless turkey burger, shrimp & grits, chicken stir-fry, grilled chicken salad, bean soup, or whatever is in the frig/freezer.

I don’t eat red meats or pork, so my meal plan will not include these protein options.

The meal preparations will be similar for the following weeks. However, I will give myself a food cheat day where I can eat whatever the heck I want but will exercise for an extra 30 minutes the day of or the day after food cheat day. When I do have my food cheat day, it will only include one meal for the entire day… say around dinner time, whereas up until then, I will have one cup of trail mix or nuts for breakfast. For lunch, a small spinach salad. Come dinner time, though it will not be a home-cooked meal, it will be something sensible, dine-in or carry-out, from a restaurant of choice, as I am not a person to go to a five-star restaurant and order a salad, so it definitely won’t be a plate full of greens. However, I will incorporate a vegetable serving. Food cheat days will be every Friday evening. This includes having a nice crisp and flavorful alcoholic beverage that is low in calories. What are some suggestions?

When I do decide to go on a junk food binge, I will do a saltwater flush the day after. The same thing goes for taking vacations. I mean, who goes on a vacation and does not enjoy the foreign cuisine or mild intoxication. 

Regardless of such, whether a vacation or a staycation, my hand will remain on the reset button or at least hover over it. My goal from here on out is to reach my desired goal weight while sustaining my mental, physical, and emotional fitness and intelligence. Yes, I may miss out on all of the goodies, especially ice cream in the summertime, but when you have goals, you sacrifice and compromise. I intend to eat healthy, whereas my diet would consist of eating salads day in and day out. I will also not eat as much Beyond or impossible meats as they are full of sodium. Inevitably, there is always something wrong with what we eat. Even when it is said to be the healthiest, there will always be drawbacks.

So, I have completed my set mission of losing weight but not reaching my goal weight but something close to it. To get to where I need to be, I will maintain my current weight of 149 lbs. eat fewer calories daily and lose the remainder of the weight, 4 lbs. slowly, in a matter of a month. I will also exercise more to rebuild my muscle mass and continue to get monthly multi-vitamin IV-Drips. Depending on the CryoSlimming and WBC results by month two, which will be four treatments, that will determine whether I continue treatment.

I hope you all are doing what it is you need to do to say happy and healthy. Remember, you are the only person that could determine your health, emotionally, physically, and psychologically.

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