Relationship Toxicity and Detoxification

Relational toxicity is about you being in a relationship and not having any direction of which way to go in life and lacking the necessary self-assurance and self-worth, and self-actualization.

Being in a self-isolating and self-manipulating relationship is one of the worst types of relationships that one could ever experience. In particular, when you have developed an anti-escapism attitude or mindset. 

You may feel as though you do not have the mental capability to escape relational toxicity, which is mentally draining and can significantly lead to increased bouts of anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Too often, we are the persons that get in the way of ourselves, feeling dazed and confused.

Too often, we are a result of our own diminished self-worth. 

Too often, we are the person that is holding us back from achieving a particular goal, completing specific tasks, or reaching our fullest potential that yields the process of us becoming self-authenticated or individualized.

Too often, we try to blame others when we face shortcomings or life challenges resulting in setbacks. However, when examining the reality, it has been you sitting on your hands, having two left feet, allowing your blessings to pass you by, or digging ourselves in deeper holes without a rope, ladder, or lifeline. 

Too many times, we look to others to save us from ourselves. 

But when are you going to start saving yourself? 

We, as humans, fail. 

We, as humans, fall to victimization instead of succumbing to the realization that we are your own master of your universe. You are in the driver’s seat. You are responsible for your own life, no one else.

Let me ask you a question.

If you could trust anyone in the world, a physical being, to be a narrator of your life, who would it be?

Be mindful that you are an option in these limitless or limited possibilities. 

It’s comical that so many people try to instill in you that life is worth living, but how is that acceptable when the person or persons telling you that they have yet to live.

Instead, they live vicariously through other people, not having experienced their true self or knowing what they want out of life or how to get there. 

So, can these persons really tell you how you should live or maneuver your way through life when they lack direction themselves?

Probably not.

Maneuvering through life is more than being in toxic or even healthy relationships. 

Successfully maneuvering through life is all about self-purification. This means getting rid of all the toxins in your body, inside and out. 

Yes, this means working from the inside out. 

You have to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally ready inside. 

This way, you can develop the mental strength to move external factors that are toxic without guilt.

Life is about living. 

Life is about inevitably coming into contact with toxic individuals. 

But life is all about you knowing how and having the strength to remove yourself from those situations.

Life is about believing in yourself and a higher power, or otherwise. 

It’s a fact that different spiritualities and religious believers believe that their God is distinct, and one has more power than the others. It does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you accept and stand in your faith and truth. 

When you stand with your feet planted firmly in your truth and belief, all toxic relationships that you are in will start to wither away. 

Righteous pathways will be set before you. 

Unlocked and opened doors and windows will be presented to you. 

Relational detoxification is about you removing specific individuals from your life so that you can become self-assured and self-actualized.

Overcoming self-isolating and self-manipulating relationships are about shifting your mindset to escape or free yourself from those situations.

Developing that mental capability to escape relational toxicity is about cognitive intelligence and psychological and emotional strength.   

Let no one be a cognitive proprietor that results in you having increased bouts of anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Stop feeling dazed and confused and find yourself.

Find your self-worth and embrace it. 

Stop holding yourself back and set realistic, measurable, and achievable goals. 

Complete specific tasks, never letting anything go undone, especially if it aids in your becoming a better you. 

Reach for the stars. 

Engage in activities that will assist you in reaching your fullest potential, those that foster self-authenticated or individualized.

Toxic relationships are not the fault of the persons you are with or the persons you are around. 

Toxic relationships are a two-way street. For it to end, one person must dismiss themselves or leave the situation. 

Let that person be you.


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