This is a letter directed at the person or thing that killed me with or without cause.

On the day of my death, I never thought that when I woke up this morning it would be my last day on earth. 

I never thought that my life would be taken by a person who was cowardly or fearful of an individual who had reason to live. 

I never thought that my life would be taken by a person who have found their purpose, or by someone that was still looking for their purpose and place in life.  A person who was still trying to figure things out and find his or her direction. 

Yes, I may have made mistakes along the way but those were supposed to be lessons learned. Those were supposed to be mishaps that maneuvered my direction down a righteous path. 

The day or night that you came into my life, we could have been the best of friends, we could have shared experiences, emotions, and life’s challenges. 

I was young striving to be the best, never looking to hurt or cause pain to another person or their family. 

Your life shattering and unworldly act caused me and others pain, grieve, dismay.

But regardless of such cruelty, we will forever be. We will remain alive and well, happy, in fact, while still caring, and sharing. We will continue to be physically and mentally present regardless of someone like you who will or may carry out a devilish act because you had a bad day.

Because life has thrown you a curve ball.

Because you were fearful or intimidated by my mere presence. 

Because you did not get your way.

Because someone did or said something that was not to your liking or approval.

Shortly after you killed me, my family, friends, and those who never had the pleasure to know me, had to silently watch as I was lowered into the earth, dust to dust, again becoming a part of its immaculate core. 

You, my killer, gave me life even though you took it away from me. 

You, my killer, have uplifted most people spirits globally, as most people around the world now love me and celebrates the short life that I had the opportunity to live. 

You my friend, my killer, transitioned from a man of God to a cold-hearted killer, who’s presence will forever be in vain.

My killer, a life-snatcher, a murderer, and a person I thought was my friend or lover, or confidant, or a friend-in-my-head, you stole my life, and you may feel as though you have accomplished something in life. 

But even though I lie restfully and chillingly in my grave, you still face life challenges.

You are still fearful of those who look and act like me, or those who don’t let you have your way. 

You are still traveling down wavering and uneven roads. 

You will continually face your guilt of evil behaviors, knowing that you cannot reverse or change the situation. 

You, will always know that you are the one who acted inhumane, unnecessarily stealing the life of another human.  

No, I will not haunt you. 

No, I am not mad at you.

No, I wish you no harm.

However, I do wish you the best, as I am not the person that you will have to answer to when it is your turn to leave the amazing world that I had the pleasure of experiencing. 

Even though you never knew me, and you never knew my name or seen my face until it was reported that I was killed. My name, face, and the date you pulled the trigger or took my life will forever remain in your head and will taunt you for the rest of your life. Your behaviors may even implicate your career and life trajectories.

Needless to say, even though you have been swept into societal turmoil and felt that what you did was ok, I do not hold a grudge against you. 

My friend, you, the person which whom I may or may not have never had the pleasure of meeting, I forgive you with great sincere. 

You did not kill me, you provided me the opportunity to live a fulfilling and fruitful life. 

I now walk around in the pleasantry of the heavens where there is no violence, bigotry, distinction, hatred, ridicule, nor identity aversion. 

We all look alike through the eyes of God, or whichever higher power you believe in. Or whichever higher power you do not believe in.

We only look different when we see others through individual lens, whereas in most cases these lenses could be distorted by family, lovers, acquaintances, or other affiliating or societal factors.

To my killer, I wholeheartedly and sincerely forgive you.

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What would you say to the person or something that is a result of your death?

What if you could speak for a person or loved one who were not provided with this opportunity? What do you think he or she would say?

Write your letter.

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Thanks for reading and watching.


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