9/11 – 20 Yrs Later and We Still Hurt

Today is September 11, 2021, twenty (20) years after terrorists flew Boeing planes into the Twin Towers of New York City. A plane that took the lives of 2,996 innocent people but has resulted in multi-million grievances. 

I must say that with the twin towers standing side-by-side, it adds significance to the strengths of individuals standing together, displaying togetherness and strength. 

The twin towers standing side-by-side add significance to what power means, mainly when individuals stand together, showing strength and character. 

The twin towers standing side-by-side add significance to the meaningfulness of “united we stand and divided we fall.”

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Source: By Daniel Byman 

Though I do not know of any persons who have been subjected to a terrorist attack, the impact of other’s experiences hits hard. These terrorist attacks could have impacted so many more persons, but with the bravery of those who decided to take a stand and deter terrorists from completing their heinous crimes, wickedness, and inhumane acts, so many lives were saved.

On behalf of those persons impacted, I will continue to pray that you develop the needed strengths and social support to get you through the hurt and pain. I pray that your good memories of the persons you lost overwrite any negative attitudes toward the situation and those persons involved. The persons that you lost knows your strength and abilities. God knows your strength and has already compensated you for any lack of strengths in dealing with such circumstances. You will never forget those persons you lost, and you will always remember how you lost these persons. I beg of you to get all the assistance you need, therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, support groups, family support, self-talk, self-care, and others.

From a psychological perspective, those persons who carried out such acts were conditioned to take on inhuman dispositions, developing a sociopathic, unempathetically, and to cognitively and intentionally devalue human life, even their own, as they would sincerely engage in suicidal-bombing acts, that takes the lives of many, even their own, without question or equivocation.

Even though I, myself, live in the United States of America, the “united” aspect is far from the truth, and the States of American has not been united for some time now. I am a black American in the States of America, who is subjected to racism, outcasted, told that I don’t belong here, and are continually given stares and glares as if I do not belong in certain areas. My knowledge, skills, and money are dismissed and devalued, particularly in predominantly white settings, where middle-class and high-class individuals reside. I categorize myself as a high-class black American. Yet, it is the low- and middle-class persons that make it difficult for those that are dissimilar or unfamiliar to live in an affluent, predominately white neighborhood. 

Even when attending certain clubs where I pay my monthly dues, it’s those outsiders who “yearn for a particular status” who look down on a black girl who has earned and pays her dues.

I say this to say that I love “my” country of residence. The country that I was born into, irrespective of where my ancestors or potential ancestors came from. What most persons fail to realize is that their ancestry and lineage are not directly associated with America, and they would instead engage in pretentious acts and behaviors, just to fit the realm of what “america” stands for (I failed to capitalize America purposely). America is not white. American is not based on white supremacy. These are attitudes that were manifested and adopted by lighter or pale shades or lack of melanin generations. If you look around, America is an assortment of colors those ranging from the palest skin tones to the darkest hues. 


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I love my life, and I am sure there are billions of others who feel the same. I have realized that it is those – irrespective of ethnicity or race, who do not love their life and are miserable, and those who try to make it difficult for people like me who display content and happiness. If people were happy with their inner selves, the racial and prejudice tensions would be less profound. Until people come to realize that life is what you make it, they will never be happy.

So many people dwell on what other persons have and what they don’t. 

So many people dwell on the experiences and knowledge that others have accomplished and associate it with their downfalls.

So many people focus on what the have’s have, instead of putting in place realistic goals and plans that would contribute to their own prosperity, but readily dwell on what they do not have.

So many people blame others regarding what they don’t have, as opposed to what could be. 

So many people would instead focus on the negative rather than the positive. 

So many people never take the time to listen. Meaning they never give themselves the opportunity to process what they have heard or learned because they are too busy talking. Sometimes people need to shut the f up. 

Most rich people forget where they came from. Yet, they are so quick to frown on the less fortunate.

Most rich people are born with silver spoons in their mouths, so they lack humble-beginnings (or lack of) experiences.

Again, I say this to say that when you become fortunate to be a citizen in one of the States of America, united or un-united, you are privileged, which is NOT a “white thing” but an “American thing.”

I love where I live and cannot see myself living anyplace else. 

Yes, there are some rude and wicked people in the world, not only in America but worldwide.

Yes, there are some selfish people in the world. However, most selfish individuals, or those who fail to give an opportunity to those unfamiliar, are significant signs that the people who have been placed in positions of power lack the necessary confidence and competence or view others as a threat of taking over their position. 

In most cases, these are how terrorist attacks occur as well as why homicidal crimes rates continue to increase. People think they should have something that they themselves have not worked for or earned. 

People want to possess a certain level of power, a title they have not earned, and lack the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill such a position. 

But why is this? I do not have the answer. It’s interesting because even when an individual has been rightfully selected for a position of power, there will always be others who fill as though the person given that position is not suitable. We [America] continue to experience inner country terrorism. We [America] continue to have people in positions of power that make decisions based on their personal proclivities and not for the interest of the American people. We [America] will continue to be targeted by terrorists, those within the states and those from other countries. It is time for America to wake up and add significance to the meaning of “united.” There is no reason why America should have lost a war they have been fighting for two decades. American decision-makers and policymakers continue to focus on revoking certain rights and segregating people. They have allowed their personal emotions and biases to get in their way, that they have allowed others to pull the rug from up under their feet regarding certain critical and life-altering matters.

I am not saying that 9/11 could have been avoided, as America was unprepared for the inevitable. Today, America is not ready for the inevitable. They are too focused on stealing power and rights from their American residents while outsiders are stealing territory. America really needs to regain its focus on what matters, which means focusing on bringing people together instead of tearing people apart. Like the twin towers, they stood together, and they fell together. Just imagine the strengths of all Americans standing together united and the impact of power we would have. It’s a level of power that no single person or country could override. We displayed how impactful our control was during the election and supporting persons impacted by 9/11, as age, race, and culture were not a factor. Today, demographics and characteristics, and personal interests should not be a factor. The factors lie in doing what is suitable for all Americans.

America, we have work to do together. Stop trying to do it alone. It will only result in America failing, falling, and self-destructing.


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