Eminent Presenter

When I first started participating in conferences and submitting my work for publication I did not know what to expect.

However, I am honored to be the Eminent Presenter for conference presentation at Teaching & Education Research Association (TERA) (https://teraevents.org) and Eurasia Research (https://eurasiaresearch.org and https://www.facebook.com/eurasiaresearch/)

Your work goes through a rigorous double-blind peer review process. This process means reviewers’ and writers’ identities are concealed throughout the review process.

Eminently, being selected as an “eminent” presenters is based on a famous or respected person within the particular sphere or profession; use to emphasize their presence of positive quality.

In the case of my being selected as an eminent presenter, my presentation was based on optimal learning using technology and technology’s influence on student’s and teachers happiness and well-being. My study found that when students and teachers are equipped with the necessary tools and training, it increases their happiness and well-being, particularly while engaged in academia.

Both education and technology have developed a dominating presence in human lives. Teachers and students spend a great deal of time engaging themselves in education. Doing this could dramatically influences their well-being and happiness.

Students’ and teachers happiness and well-being in regards to educational engagements and experiences have well do with intrinsic and extrinsic factors. One key factor that affects both are “support.”

In my research, I pointed out that technology has great potential in amplifying students’ and teachers’ opportunity for collaboration and social networking for students of all ages and demographics.

I find that living in a technology-drive world and being pressured to participate in technology-driven societies for the purposes of communication, socializing oneself, education engagements, professional practices, using technology, readily influences an individuals overall being.

The study presented was grounded by Martin Seligman’s 2011 Well-Being Theory (WBT), specifically the PERMA model that comprises of positive emotions, engagements, relationships, meaning, and achievement.

Some of the key factors pointed out was essentially based on the following

  • Positive Emotions – being provided with the necessary tools and resources needed to use technology for education can elicit positive emotions in both students and teachers. This makes them feel good about their learning experiences, thus amplifying their social presence and academic experiences, leading to academic achievement.
  • Engagements– using technology in education contributes to increased academic engagements among students and teachers, optimizing social networking and collaboration, thus amplifying well-being especially when engagements are meaningful and elicit positive emotions.
  • Relationships – developing and the sustainment of quality relationships in academic is essential to well-being. In the case of using technology in education, education-based relationships spillover into private and public life
  • Meaning – technology is a great tool used for education that contribute to meaning. Meaning is essentially based focusing and engaging in activities that are bigger than self. Using technology for education can substantially elicit meaning, particularly when students and teachers are provided with the necessary tools and training and the educational experience is positive, leaning to meaning and achievement academic-related tasks and goals.
  • Achievement – when students have increase well-being this amplifies their academic experiences and contributes to academic achievement and accomplishment.

You may notice that there is significant overlap in the PERMA model, whereas no single element is mutually exclusive. Having increased well-being, happiness, and being happy with life and self, are predeterminants of implementing these components into ones’s life, individually or collectively.

To better understanding my study, please posted video links.

https://fb.watch/8dTMAessNB/ and https://fb.watch/8dTBrPAd23/

Again, this is such an honor and I will definitely continue to share my accomplishments, as this is major in my sustainability of personal well-being.

How are you maintaining and sustaining your happiness and well-being, and being satisfied with life?



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