The VERDICT is IN… / Today is 4/20

What does today’s verdict mean… It means that we still have a helluva long way to go in ensure that blacks, minorities, and others are not face with the same brutality, inequities, and disparities that they have face since the were “FORCED” into unwanted territory .

I would say that I am popping three bottles, taking triple shots, and celebrating for the next three years, but as we have seen it only takes 3 hours for the next black person to be victimized at the hands of the law. Meaning, that as a black person in American you cannot even call the police for help or to aid in being being protected from predators or harmful situations.

The battle is not over. The battle will NEVER be over.

The battle has not even begun.

The battle lacks transparency because we do not know what is going to transpire from one day to the next.

The battle lacks transparency for blacks because blacks are not necessarily blind to situations that transpire when being encountered by the police but they know that it is not going to be in their favor and even may result in their demise.

The battle is transparent for nonblacks.

Being frank, non-Hispanic whites or those proclaiming to be “Privileged” and feeling as though they are GOD’s gift to the WORLD or AMERICA, are living up to disparate transparency.

These are persons who ARE and have FOREVER been against minorities, blacks, and others or anyone that is not familiar or similar.

These are persons having proclamation and intentions on creating emotional distress for all persons who care about, anyone considered non-white.

Blacks or marginalized and lucid whites don’t stop at the Floyd conviction.

Blacks, marginalized, and lucid whites continue to fight until there is a resolve.

Yes, celebrate the victories of today and tomorrow and the next days to come, but just as one becomes relaxed and feels as though we have won (or not) is when the black victimization rates start to creep up on us, thus putting us right back a square one.

Another Rodney King, Trevon Martin, Brianna Taylor, George Floyd…the list goes on and on… those revealed and non disclosed.

Where does the buck stop?

Where do we go from here? There is no time to sleep. There is no time to become too relaxed. Regardless of the conviction of one wrong-doer, there are still many left in the world that will commit the same heinous crimes and who feel as though they are above laws.

All because of their skin color, i.e., without melanin or natural tint. All because certain individuals feel as though they belong, and that anyone dissimilar to them, doesn’t lack humanistic characteristics.

This is the world we live in and have lived in since the birth of what we call America. The land of opportunity.

Time to reevaluate.

The reevaluation starts with YOU…

The reevaluation starts with —- All of Us.


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