Where Is the Love

I most cases we ask the question of where is the love. This is because we dont feel as though we are getting enough of it.

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Love is not a result of getting it from someone else, but a primary factor of you showing it to yourself in every which way or direction. Love is not about someone telling you that they love you but rather showing you. Too often we take for granted the wording of “I love you” whereas in many cases, a person has shown you that they loved or love you but we were too blinded by negativity to actually see it.

Love has no color.

Love has no frame.

Love has not background.

Love has no name. Or do it?

Love does not have to be repeated to you time and time again.

Love does not have to be written or drawn out.

In most cases, love is a feeling. One that is indescribable. One that you cannot pinpoint. One that you cannot attest to.

Love is natural and unnatural and even supernatural.

Love is quizzacle.

Love is deniable and undeniable and questionable.

Love brings happiness and tear.

Love brings bouts of fear.

What kind of life would you life if love was not a piece of the puzzle?

Will you be miserable?

Do think that you would be desirable to other?

Will it drive you mad?

Or will it make you glad?

Love brings about happy feelings. Feeling that all humans aspire to have.

Love bring about increase health, social wealth, and stealth.

From young ages, people were denied love. They never feel what it authentic love and connection was, so that transformed them to be the persons they are today, meaning overcompensating or under compensation.

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Lack of love can elicit selfishness, egoism, narcissism, or self perpetuated ignorance.

When people love they love wholeheartedly. They love hard.

When people truly love, that means they are willing to put all difference aside. They are will into comprise, reconcile, and move forward without looking back at situations and circumstnace that tested your love in the first place.

Where is the love?


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