Afraid to live and let go…

To be afraid means, being too scared to live and let go of what is holding you back.

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Being afraid means, you have lost your direction in life. You have become number, not know where to go or which direction to take. But why? And at whose expense?

Most people that reside on this earth are running scared. The running is a result of them running from themselves and into something that will never be appreciative nor understanding of who you are are in the same way that you appreciate and understand yourself.

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In life we are all taught lessons. These lessons come from our personal experiences. It saddening that most people feel as though certain experiences are supposed to stick around when in reality these situations and circumstances are just what they are, passerby’s. When we hold on to passerby situation, that is a result of us holding onto something or someone that has come into our life as a lesson, but not for the longevity of it.

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You feel that the situation is good…too good to be true, failing to acknowledge that things can be much greater. In doing this, you have taken the eye off the prize. You have become not only immune or acclimatized to a certain situation but you have reduce your chanced and outlooks in life and prosperity.

Being afraid is not going to get you anywhere but stuck in the same situation that you have landed it. Being scared contribute to anxiety, depression, and stress.

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Being scared leads to self-uncertainty and self-doubt. Why would you want to characterize yourself as being this person? You are a person of worth, dignity, integrity, and potential. You were put on this earth for a reason, a purpose. It is up to you to find your purpose. However, it is God that will open door and windows, and move people out of your way in order for your to reach this purpose. Being scared will only result in your show that you are not ready to become your true self, even when its right in front of you, God will not allow you to see it. Why, because he know that YOU are not ready. Get ready and Stay ready. Stop being scared, anxious, and fearful, of situations that is not threatening, harmful, but can lead to life satisfaction and longevity. When you allows these mental states to supersede your cognitive processes, you only hinder and harm yourself unnecessarily.

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In order to start living the life that we deserved or become the person we aspire to be, we have to live and let live. Again, just because a person have come across your path and has landed in your life does not necessarily mean that they have to stay. This is a perfect example of live and let live. Leaving the perfect lessons of what they have to teach so that you can become a better person. Once you have got what you needed, move on and stop hanging on.

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Being brave means that we not only acknowledge our strengths but out weaknesses as well. When we have the mental capacity and strength to turn out weaknesses into strength then we have come to prove that we are on our way to become fearless and not caring about others perceptions of who we are or who we aspire or desire to be. Let go and let live, means essentially letting go of your old or current self and letting your new self shine through. allowing you new self to LIVE darling, worry-free and doubt-free.


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