Doctoral Sisterhood

Since I started my doctoral journey in 2018-19, I have had the pleasure of coming across some of the most influential individluals that I have ever met in my entire life.

The message to my doctoral sistas read:

I was just sitting back and reflecting on the life that I current live and would not want to image it without any of you. You ladies has really added value to my being. I have come to realize that it DOES NOT matter how successful or prosperous you are in life, with being black individual will look look at you differently. I have come to realize that no matter your relationships status or affiliation that individuals will see you as being black and less than human even when youre in an interracial relationships. I really appreciate your definitiveness when it come to colorism, ageism, educationalism,  employisms,  societial acceptablisms, humilitiisms, and humanism. I love how you have allowed me to be authentic regardless of mircroaggressions. You have value me. You have treated me as an equal. You have inaugurated me into being a straddler, or being in an interracial relationships, whereby refusing to take side and to say that one race is more dominant over the other. Humans are all equal in my purview. I want to take the time to acknowledge the loving, caring, empathy, compassion, resurrection, and modesty that all of my doctor sisters, bothers, and others have added to my life. Without you, life would lack meaningfulness and purposefulness. This goes to all that persons that are right-sidedness and not wrong-sidedness of which shows their outer beauty rather than the authentic inner beauty. God Speed to all of us and I pray that we continue to be blessed and provided the strength to move forward in the midst of wrong-doers, oppositionists, and insurrectionists. Continue to live by the laws of the LORD and anyone and anything that come against you will be annihilated and reprimanded, whereby facing judgment on judgment day.

I meant every word of it from the bottom of my heart.

Most of my life, I have never been an extravert and have always been labeled as an introvert, but have tapped into the interversion side of my life and it has worked out for me. I didn’t now that most meant by these personality terms and had to experience them for myself. Some extrovert are a mere fabrication of who they desire to be. For me, I was tight-lipped, never spoke up, and never realized that I have to really express my feeling no matter how it may affect others to show who I really am and to reach the goal of desire. So, in that case, I took the bait and released my extravert inhibitions and HERE I AM… Surprise…

Love it or Hate it, you opinion does not really matter as I am going to continue to be true to my authentic and realistic self. You should do the same. I mean its 2021 and we have already survive months of a pandemic. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, irrespective of demographic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, or age. Live for today and U and all things will work out in Your favor.

Shouts out to IG groups: doctoralwomenphds, doctoralwomenacheivingphds blackdoctors, blackdoctorsinaphdprogram, and doctoralmeninphds among other doctoral who or actively engage or who have succeeded. I salute you.



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