Something that WE ALL need right here and right now.

Lord, we come to you with our heads and hands raised high. We speak to you through shouted and silenced voices. We come to you lifting prayers, our spirits, souls, our being, our emotions, our strains, ours stresses, our weakness, and ourselves. I asked that you continue to look down on us and guide us. We ask that you lift us up. We ask that you take us from all condemnations. We ask that you make things better and right. We ask that you provide a covenant to the world as a whole that will manifest belief, holiness, and belief. Lord, if we have not needed you before in our lives, we need you now. We need you to make things right. We need you to change our mindsets. We need you to give us the strength, the power, and the grace to move forward in life with success and without a doubt. Lord, we know that you said that you will be the one that makes all things better as long as we believe. You said that you will never leave us nor forsake us. You said that if thy be you your will and if thy be your glory. We come to you stretched to capacity right now, showing you that we believe. We ask that you dominate our lives and leads us wholeheartedly and whole-spiritedly. We lift up our hands and heads in prayers so that you can continue to send down your blessings and ensure that the world we live in, your manifestation, and your creation serves as a pedestal, your will, and commands so that all things will be alright. In Jesus’ name, we All pray. AMEN!

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