The 2020 Movie Watching and Holiday Spirits

This year it took me a while to get into the Christmas spirit and I am not sure if I am totally there yet. I only recently erected my Christmas tree-days laters decorated it. For some reason, I have been in a funk, though I have been watching Christmas/Holiday movies to help lift my spirits before Thanksgiving. Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness. A time for gift-giving. A time for love and togetherness. I am happy and content. I have given even though I said I wasn’t going to this year but went overboard. I donated. I enjoy spending time with those I am close to. However, this year these situations come with risks. When I finally decided to put some decorations up, tree mostly there were no decorations left in stores. I was shocked. Did stores purchase limited supplies this year suspecting that everyone was going to have my frame of mind? Seems not. Most people had decorated the insides and outsides of their home and finished their Christmas shopping before I even got my mind wrapped around the fact that Christmas is coming and there is nothing that no one or nothing can do about it, not even a pandemic. So, if I wanted to be part of this thing, I had better get to get moving. Like, all else this year, online ordering really came through for me, with order bare minimum essentials. #AmazonPrime. There is still much I need to do for this holiday but have decided that I am not going to give it 100% this year, maybe just the dinner and the eating and drinking of eggnog and baileys.

For the most part, I’d rather be on a much-needed vacation, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. at least not until sometime in 2022. In the meantime, staycation it is. I don’t mind, as I have a plethora of school work that needs to be done. Housechores and laundry are endless. Trips to the supermarket, which I need to tackle today. Not sure if it’s going to get done and may just order through AmazonFresh for next-day delivery. In the interim, I will make do with what I have and be happy. I will continue to laze around when the opportunity presents itself and watch some holiday favorite movies. Exercise in the mornings to get rid of the COVID weight-gain. Yeah, I feel a bit lumpy and chunky. Have you ever asked the question, why is it so hard to get the weight off and easy as heck to put on? Actually, I’d prefer it in reverse. But that’s me having wishful thinking.

Speaking of weight-gain, I get the majority of the world’s population New Year’s/Post-COVID resolution will be to get a gym membership and lose a few pounds. I should become a personal training just for the first three months because usually, that is how long it lasts before some people just throw in the towel. Just kidding. I am going to renew my gym membership once all of this is said and done as the gym adds a layer of motivation than does working out at home. However, at least at home, you have the option to watch what you want on television. Use Youtube videos to help you challenge yourself. Hey, you can even watch a Christmas movie during the holiday season while you stretch, jump and bounce around, or try to keep your balance on one foot or during a handstand. For the most part, it watching CNN when I first get up and then onto holiday features to help lighten the mood and to keep holiday spirits up.

Christmas Movie Madness

Many of the movies that I watch I record from the Hallmark channel. I watched other networks such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, and LifeTime. Some of the Christmas movies that have captured my attention this year as follows:

Happy Holidays


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