It’s Christmas Time Again…

Hello everyone, I hope all are doing well, and you are not letting the stressors of Christmas take over your mental being. We all know that this time of year is the most stressful year. However, this year in its entirety has been one big ball of anxiety, depression, uncertainty, and mental disarray. We went from ringing in the new year of 2019-2020 to a quarantine state shortly afterward. The year 2020 has challenged EVERYONE. The young, middle ages, the old, the sick and shut-in, the poor, the rich, the optimistic and pessimistic, the bipartisan, partisan, and nonpartisans. People worldwide, of all demographics, are looking at the next few days sideways, knowing that Christmas is not going to be the same, at least for most, as people violated the travel restrictions for Thanksgiving, you better your bottom dollar, the same is to occur for Christmas and New Year.

Christmas is only 20 days away. Hey, but who’s counting. I am not sure what this day would bring for me. Many children may not be impacted when it comes to getting things on their wish list, while others will be dramatic. We’re going to have all of the reindeers pulling Santa sleigh with masks on screaming, “I cannot breathe.” The Grinch is not going to be stealing presents, but ventilator machines. We will not leave cookies and milk for Santa, but a mask, hand sanitizer, and roll of toilet paper. You know, just in case. I mean, Santa has to abide by the social distancing and face mask-wearing rules just the same, and I am sure that even the North Pole has gone on lockdown, so essentials are needed.

Christmas Essentials

Santa Pictures

Will Christmas trees and pictures with Santa be essential this year in 2020. Will you get close to Santa this year? Will you let your children get close to Santa, let alone sit on his lap with the outbreak of the coronavirus. Some people have been waiting in long lines with their children eating to speak with mask-wearing Santas through plexiglass plate. This is only speaking to him and telling him what you want for Christmas, and not being afforded the opportunity to take a picture with him. Well, 6ft apart. That’s like taking two separate pictures and cropping or gluing them together. I tell you what, technology has become so advanced today that there is no need to make a trip to see Santa. Dress your children up in their Christmas costumes and throw Santa in the background or make Dad or Grandpa dress up as Santa this year.

Christmas Tree

This year Santa has a masked beard. We would assume that people’s Christmas’ would look like a Charlie Brown Christmas, but everything is almost sold out when you go to the store. I mean. How are they saying that the economy is bad? People are shopping, buying Christmas gifts, and being merry and bright. But that is just me assuming. I am not trying to look into anyone’s pocketbook or wallet. However, after a tumultuous year that we experienced, everyone deserves a Christmas present, or at least to celebrate it near and far. The same goes for the New Year. Just drinking a glass of grape or apple sparkling cider or champagne is good enough.

Christmas is a time where gift-giving is epic. People give gifts even when they cannot afford to. Some people max out their credit cards just to make a good impression when it comes to giving others gifts, putting themselves into deep debt, or placing themselves into a bigger economic hole. Christmas to me is about spending time with friends and family, but since we continue to experience a viral pandemic, that is not possible, well, at least for some. People will violate social distancing rules and put themselves and others at risk of contracting COVID. I would say that it’s something that I should not worry about, but I cannot. These may be some pool that I am around or may come into contact with, even given my limited circle.

I want to say that we should be enjoying life more than anything this year. Many people have not made it to see Christmas, and there will be additional beings who will not live to see the New Year. We must count our blessings and give thanks. This is a time where all of our dispositions should have shifted in a more positive direction. If not, so be it. I cannot worry about everyone in that aspect. I can only worry about myself. I can only stay positive and focused and not allow others’ negative energy to deter me. Give thanks. Give gifts, even if it’s a simple Merry Christmas, a handwritten note, or a Christmas card. I must say that appreciation is at the top of my Christmas list, and I wish for NO gifts this year. Just for everyone that I love and cherish to be happy in their own unique way.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to never take life for granted, as we do not know what lies on the other end of this pandemic. Life or Death.


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