Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday. Today, more than ever we should give thanks and should also give back if situations allow. The COVID-19 pandemic has put great stress on individuals worldwide. More people than we have imaged are going without. They have gone without, and they will continue to go without. Resources are scarce. Small businesses are suffering. Children and family meals are sparse. People are or have lost their homes. Furthermore, most of this is a result of job losts, furloughs, or reduced hours of work.

If you have never given anything in your entire life, today and from here on out should be the day that you pay it forward. In previous cases we never knew what the situation were, but right now situations are exposed and out in the open. People are not afraid to ask for assistance today. They are not embarrassed, as everyone is on the verge of losing insurmountable income, irrespective to residuals and preserves.

For me, I try to do my part, for the most part. I try to give back when situations allow. I am a huge stickler for education so anyone trying to better themselves, I am for it. I will provide assistance to others just on the spare of the moment.

If you don’t do anything today, or tomorrow, GIVE. It should be a simple phone call, a huge, make someone laugh or what have you. You can give a person in need a meal for the day even if its a simple sandwich. GIVING does not have to cost you anything, but if you can afford to spare a dollar or two, give that. It will definitely bring a smile to someone’s face.

Enjoy your day/Evening.


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