Joe Biden & Kamala Harris wins 2020 Presidencial Election.

Talk about GO BLUE!!! Not the University of Michigan where I am an alumnus, but to the Democratic Presidential Candidates and all of their supporters.

Biden 290 to Trumps 214 and still counting.

Joe Biden, declared the 46th President of the United States (POTUS).

President of the United States Joe Biden

Who said a third time is not a charm. Running for the POTUS twice before in 1988 and 2008 and lost both election, Biden will now run the White House, come 2021, sitting in the Oval off with his feet on the table, smooth the most expensive cigars. Kidding, or not. It was a long and anticipated race.

Back presidency runnings and not winning the first two attempts, in 2008, Biden was selected by Presidential Candidate, then Barack Obama to be his running mate as VPOTUS, only for them to win the election shortly after. Now, in 2020, JB has taken full leaderships and has brought Kamala Harris along for the ride. The first African American female to ever serve as VPOTUS and to have the FIRST MALE make history as well.

Biden born in 1942 in Scranton, PA is married to Jill Biden and has a son Beau, Hunter, and daughters Ashley and Naomi, all of who worked in the democratic candidacy to achieve such defeat.

Kamala Harris to serve as the FIRST BLACK Vice President of the United States (VPOTUS)

Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris 2020

Kamala Harris, now a previous U.S. Senator of California. She is a wife, to now the VP FIRST MAN of the United States, Doug Emhoff. They have two beautiful children Cole and Ella. Kamala Harris has made history and she will in history books from here on out, regardless of who writes them or how honest or dishonest they are. First Black VPOTUS will always remain her title, the same goes for her husband as being a FIRST MAN.

Some people felt that it was not going to happen and that is ok. While millions of voters voted for Biden and millions of voters voted for Trump, Biden won the popular vote by millions. Why? Because voters showed up and showed out this year. The same way they did when President Obama ran wining for two consecutive years. Its a given that Biden will have an eight-year term, as long as voters are consistent and methodical , come next election in 2024.

Someone has to win and someone has to lose. Those are the rules of the game.

President Trump 45th POTUS 2016-2020

The 45th POTUS is still claiming victory even after the polls have closed and all ballots have been counted. Failing to admit his defeat, he continues to bash voters and states to say they are illegal voters or committing fraud. He continues to fight and now wants to get the Supreme courts involved to make it official that, yes, he has lost the 2020 presidential election. I means its there in black and white, all over the television, internet, and all social media sites. His Republican Party has even told him to give it up, but that is no in his nature. He will continue to fight for the next four years and may run again for presidency in 2024.

But what’s done is done and there is not retracting it, I don’t care how many times ballots are counted. Joe Biden and Kamal Harris are President and Vice President Elects of 2020, with Pennsylvania making it official.

So, Who Really Won the 2020 Presidential Election?

If I can be frank, The People. The people who are for, against, or indifferent to the runners or winners. People of the U.S. fail to realize how much power they have, and it is not until 2020 that they realized how much power they actually had. If we want something done, we don’t depend on leaders, we take responsibility to get things done. For example, if we’d taking full responsibility to wear masks, social distance, and do what was necessary, there would not be an upsurge in COVID-19 infection rates. But who am I to judge.

Image Source: Google

Most people lack uncertainty as to how things are going to get done, if they will get done or when. Taking control of the WH is responsibility, and President have to make sure their staff members are there to serve the public and not his ego. A small percentage of Americans are worried about tax increases, that’s how the rich stay rich, but whose to say if that will change. If it does change it may not be as dramatic as they think and may create a path for the lesser-than to have a come-up. Some people say that being selfish or having a huge ego is what made them rich but that is not necessarily true. Some people received handouts from family members, friends, or others to get to where they are today. Yes, some people also sacrificed, starting from nothing, and gained wealth, but just image how long it took, how many sleepless days and nights they went through or how many subordinates helped them accomplished their goal.

For most they forget about the little people. People who did not have a vision or guidance in life or those who knew no better. Those who were on the cusp of coming up but life happened.

Ok, I am getting off topic. I just wanted to say that the wait is over and the United States is no longer President-less, as Joe Biden now serves as the POTUS along with Kamala Harris, VPOTUS. We will accept them wholeheartedly and know that American voters, intentional and silent, are the reason for this massive achievement. It is the voters that must continue to make a difference in the world that we live in to stop police brutality and inequalities. Just like most took a stance to put into office who they saw fit. The same people must also take a stance to assist in decreasing the digital gap and to increase the availability and access to resources and services and not wait for people to give it to you. Just like some feel as though they took the presidency, take and stand up to inequality, where every person in America is given a fair chance and not discriminated against based on skin color.

So, in summation, all we can do is congratulate the winners, Biden and Harris, and know that we all did what WE thought was right, voters and nonvoters. No harm. No Foul. The Presidential Election of 2020 has concluded and I am sure that the winners deserve some much needed rest after their weeks celebration and going into a New Year 2021 with the highest Title of any man or woman can earn in the U.S.

Congratulation Joe Biden.

Congratulation Kamala Harris.

Congratulations to you as well Donald Trump.

Best of luck to you all. May you enjoy your lives come 2021, as it will be a cumbersome transition.


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