We Are “37 Days” – Five Weeks Away from the American 2020 Election – November 3.

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Republic or Democrat? Your political affiliation does not matter. What matters if whether you vote or not. If you are bipartisan, unaffiliated, VOTE, even if it means writing your own name on the ballet and filling in the bullet. VOTE…. JUST VOTE.

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2020 has introduced ALL Americans to uncertain and unprecedented times. We are facing the CoronaVirus Pandemic. For as long as most of us can remember we have been facing racial Inequality and injustices; Unequal pay, lack of adequate education, medical treatment, and employment opportunities.

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If you don’t use your voice, at least use your VOTE to be heard so that all American can be provided with a fair chance at living a fruitful and prosperous life. A life without having to fear police brutality or being singled out for Being Black in America (BBA). Use your voting voice. In 2020, today, your vocal vote matters more than ever before.

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So many individuals in this world have fault a tumultuous fight for people of color and women voting rights. These individuals were enslaved, beaten, killed, and ridiculed. It is our civil duty, Us WOMEN and PEOPLE of COLOR to continue the fight that others started. If we remain silent, then we put down our boxing gloves and forfeit the fight, a fight that release our power and control to get into GOOD trouble when necessary or where we see fit or where attention is warranted.

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YOU, ME, AND EVERY A-MER- I [WE]-CAN = With A Miracle, I and We, CAN.

No matter which Political party you are affiliated with. It is your civil duty to VOTE like ALL lives depended on it, because in this day and in age IT DOES.

No more will Americans be lethargic when it comes time to choose out political leaders and governmental officials.

No more will Americans be cowardly to take a stand and use out Voting voice in putting a person in office that deserves the title of POTUS.

No loner will Americans hold their breathe or scream out “I can’t breathe” because of lack of proper leadership; laissez-faire, authoritarian, or egocentric or self-gratifying leadership.

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Americans are now WOKE VOTING. Americans can now see that differences need to be made and that it is up to American citizens to take an awakened stand to vote for a POTUS that have an interest of ALL American citizens and not only a select few.

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