A Vivid Rememberance of the 9/11 terrorist attack

I can still remember vividly where I was and what I was doing when the 9/11 attack occurred. Being a Supervisor of an IT Support groups in Michigan. I sait at my desk and sporadically peeking up to watch the morning news on a corner mounted television while simultaneously getting work done, reports a little before 9:00am showed how a bowing jet flew into one of New Yorks twin tower.

Not really sure of what was going on and listening while the television was muted, I decided to turn up the volume. The moment the volume reach an ear piercing level, the second plane had hit the second twin tower. By that time there was a crowd standing around the television set, everyone motionless, speechless and in awe.

After listening to the news, moments later it was determined by upper management that it was time to vacate the premisesk and with me being the supervisor of my team, I made it my civil duty to ensure that all employees had gathered their belongings and headed for the hills as our location was in a high-rise building sitting in the middle of downtown Detroit just across from major federal buildings and even the Federal Reserves, so who knew what the next target would be.

After checking once, and then checking twice to ensure that all employees had departed, I emotionless and calmly gathered my things and headed for the staircase to exit the lower entrance. When I reached the exterior of the building the streets were in chaos. People were running and scrambling the streets. Traffic was backed up due to most people trying to exit the downtown scene full of terrorist potential to carry out a malicious act, the same one that occurred just moments earlier in the city of New York City.

As you can see, I made it out safely and no harm was done to the downtown Detroit area. Shout out to the D!… GO BLUE! GO LIONS! GO TIGERS!

Successfully existing the downtown area, it was mandated that children be picked up from school, of which I made every effort to across town safe and sound. Getting home my children and I sat glued to the television set for the remainder of the day, and the day after, and the day after… Work was canceled until further notice and so was other outdoor activities that would present potential harm.

In this moment, I wish to given my condolences to all of the persons and family members who were affected by the worlds most devastating terrorist attach in history. Each year, and for most, everyday, we will remember the innocent lives and soldiers, and other rescuer that we taken to the hands of malicous intent. You are not but never forgotten. I know that I did not know any of the person who lost their lives or loved one, but with being human, I cannot help but feel their pain, have sympathy and compassion, and silently support them.

In 2020, we are facing a worldwide pandemic. One that has claimed the lines of over 190,000 individuals and climbing. It is not a terrorist attach but it sure as heck feel like one, given that the CoronaVirus came from China, a country that does not see eye to eye with the United States.

Sticking to the script, again, my heartfelt condolences to those person effect. Keep your head up and know that better days are among us, we just have to continue to stay strong and support one another no matter what.

United We Stand and Divided We Fall. Let’s stop stop being our own worst enemies and this goes for people all around the world. Love override any pain and suffering one could every encounter.


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