Stop Living Above Your Means

I must say that no person want to be involved with a person that is unhappy or is financially unstable. No man or woman wants to especially marry an unhappily wealthy person either unless they are only marrying this person or in the relationships to establish or sustain a reputation or respective lifestyle for themselves. Don’t get me wrong no one want to marry a broke man or woman. In the words of Kanye West, “I ain’t trying say that s/he’s a gold digger, but she aint messing with a broke, dude or chick… I find it disheartening that men and most women find that when women marry or develop a relationship with a married man, they are instantly whores or gold diggers, especially is the woman is younger and unestablished. That is not aways the case. If people would take into consideration the attractability aspect of life, it is not solely the female that makes the logical choice of being with a younger more volumptuous female, someone that is youthful and have the potential to bear children. The same is true for women, whereas they seek men who is well establishes and providers and can take care of them financially and act as their protector, even though we know that women are the major protectors, take for instance the Lion kingdom.

all this is to say that no poor person wants to be with another poor person and in various instances no poor person wants to be with an unhappily rich person, as there is almost nothing that you can do to make unhappy rich people happy. The same is true when considering a rich person not wanting to be with a poor person as that will be an insult to their inner city. I mean they have to maintain and sustain a reputation afterall. But, where is the line drawn where the inferior person is simply considered arm candy, youthful, and submissive, a financially well-off mans dream come true.

Moving along, not all rich persons, men or women are happy. Some of the richest people in the world live a fabricated lifestyle that is geared to please all of the people around them, but in reality they are dying inside because they cannot show their try self or their authentic self would be rejected because it does not fit into the realm of what everyone else is doing or what is acceptable. I have come across some of the most miserable rich people, of which proved that money cannot and in most cases does not buy you happiness. Happiness has to come from within. Happiness has to start with you and who you surround yourself with. Money does not always make a person happy. It only adds fuel to the fires of misery – of you putting in every effort to keep up with the Jones’, someone you have never met or have not desire to meet but ther names resonates and caters to your desired lifestyle.

Why have you given up your desirabilty to be a self-expert? Yet, instead, you have give outsiders the power to show and tell you who are you supposed to be and who you desire to be. You have intentionally allowed others to deter you or pull you down to keep you reaching your desired self or goals. Most would say that the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor but in reality, some rich stays miserable while some poor sustain a certain level of happiness and well-being, irrespective of financial stability.

When you marry a financially established individual that does not necessarily mean that you are automatically financially well-off, or monetarily refutable. Marrying a wealthy person or financially comfortable person does not necessarily mean that their mental capacity is on the same scalability. In fact, the two can be one complete opposite sides of the scale. Marrying a person where you income does not measure up to theirs but you are comfortable with where you are at, financially and mentally, then in a way it could compliment or make up the differences or the other persons deficits. However, this is not always the case. What I mean by this is that, when a person has a huge ego and feel as though they are the boss and in charge, there is nothing that no one can do or say. Moreover, when you marry a person that produces the financial wherewithal to provide you with a life of luxury, is it authentic luxury, or is the luxury momentarily, temporaneously, or everlasting? Ask yourself this question. Is this the life you ascribe to live or is this the life that someone else prescribed for you? Does the charismatic and lavish you live have the potential to produce a better you?. If not then let go and let live.

I continually tell others and even myself often that you are the only person that understand you. You are your own self-expert and no one can tell you where you want to go, what you want to do and what you want to achieve in life or desire. Being a self-expert means that you have stop giving other the power to intentionally treat you like their puppet. You have removed their purposefulness to pull you down or deter you from reaching your goals or desires.

Most people would die to be in your position, and most people who know your position would call your crazy for wanting to leave, resign or denounce your throne. Most importantly, most people fail to realize the costs associated with marrying a well-to-do guy or girl, can potentially lead to the cost outweighing the benefits from the beginning. Even when the most have gain comprehensive knowledge of the situation they fail to acknowledge it holistically. Externally, when others witness the same situation, they are so quick to call out the cons while failing to recognize the vantage points. Contrastingly, as soon as, or even before, the relationship his dooms day they have already place their bet or put in their offer, purchased bitcoins to become the next suspect or victim, praying for a come up or increased lifestyle or reputation potentiality.

The majority of individuals in the world would not be able to experience what its like to be a millionaire or billionaire, let alone date or marry a millionaire or billionaire. Because the internet is so profound and pronounced in many lives they have the potential to live vicariously though other persons, but in realty, there is another side to that coin and people are only displaying or disclosing what they want you to see while they suppress other factors will show they world that rich people are not better than the poor. NO one is perfect, no matter how much revenue you have. Every couple fight and disagree, no matter how long or short lived your marriage is. The most successful marriage are a result of being able to pull though the difficult circumstances and mideval complexities.

The saying is absolutely true, “more money equals more problems.” This saying as not a personified blight, plight, nor kite. Billions of people will not understand what this means, but coming from someone with experience or someone who knows of others who have lived this particular life, its not all its cooked up to be. Its when you are in your own bag and you chaise your own coins that millonaire or billionaire status may work for you, but when you are on someone else’s dime, “things are totally different.” There isa method to this madness, as marrying a millionaire, where you give up your life completely, your career, your hopes, dreams, freedom, aspirations, and you become completely absorbed in what your partner or spouse what’s to do. Your life dissipates. You become numb, invisible, unimportant, and essentially his, but not everyone accepts or approves of the relationship, but in essence you have been tolerable because of your relationship status with this person.

I would say that I feel sorry for the ladies and men who desire to be married to a millionaire or billionaire, namely an unhappy one, but I cannot say that. They have to witness the experience for themselves to determine their level of tolerability. Living a lavish lifestyle is not all that is cracked up to be. I mean things gets more expensive, but why? I hear the names Jones’s in a distanced echo, but I have stopped listening and stop caring about what others, do, say, and think of me. I have never been the one who tried to make friends and never gave a rats tail of what your perception of me was. When you look at me in a negative light, then there is something going on with your innerself. My relationship does not define me. Never have and never will. I have always been financially comfortable and have danced to the beat of my own drums. I have never stopped. I am not going to play myself to be something that I am not or something that you want me to be. I am not that girl, as I have much to much respect for myself and even with coming from a lower caliber of life and upbringing, I have always thought more of myself and dreamed big. You nor your alleged clique will not throw me off my square. I am worthy with or without you. Why, because I have never given up my faith nor hope.

I have never turned my back on God, the higher power, one that has the capacity to put you and me in our place.

I can have all of the finer things in life but without possessing spiritual disposition I have nothing.

One reason that I landed in this position is because I listened.

Another, reason why I landed in this position is because I, ME ALONE, stepped out on faith.

Another reason I am where I am now, right here right now today is because, I, ME ALONE, walked by faith and not by sight.

To this day, I still believe that God possesses the almighty power to pull you through any situation and circumstance.

To this day I still feel as though he is not done with me.

To this day I feel as though I have a purpose.

To this day I feel as though I will rise to the surface.

But only when he is ready for me to do so.

To this day I feel as though you may or may not be in my life not matter how much you have accomplished, as the Lord will see me though.

To this day, if you are not part of my new situation or circumstance, I AM OK WITH THAT, as God say that it was not meant to be and that most people that come into you life contributes to your future blessing or contributes to your mental strengths and life lessons.

Whichever situation or circumstance that lie ahead. I will not question the novel situation nor circumstance and will instead go with the flow. I will again, walk by faith and not by sight.

I say this to say that when you start living above your means and God has not granted you the permissions then he can take it away in one false swoop.

This does not necessarily say that I have dated a millionaire or billionaire or that I want to, as I am sure it would be nice to date a happy one. But, if Gods wants to put this type of person in your life or if he wants you to become your self authenticated millionaire or billionaire self he will open the doors, windows, and roads for you. But only when he know that YOU are ready, Not before.


5 thoughts on “Stop Living Above Your Means

    1. That may be true but just because they have the means to travel through life and deal with their problems in a limo. Does not that limo will fix or resolve them internally. Even some rich are damaged goods.

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  1. Hi, precious one in the sight of God! This is so very true and wise. I have heard recently of a new acronym…HENRYs. These are High Earners, Not Rich Yet. That’s because they make a lot of money but spend it all without really thinking about the future. Whatever our income, it’s so important to be conscious that every single penny belongs to Jesus. We are just stewards of it for a brief vapor of time here on earth! Have a blessed day, and thanks for following my blog!

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