Digital Humanities Conference Presentation

Hi all.

Recently I have been a busy girl. I have started to engagement a more academic level as to put my education to use. I told you all before that I was started to shift gears. The gears are shifting. I have participated in the International Conference of Digital Humanities, and would love for you all to provide me with feedback.

Please see link below.

I have also participated in the International Conference of Education Technology and Computers (ICETC) and will share link once conference has concluded.

Please comment on video post and provide feedback.

Looking forward to participation by in 2021 session.



2 thoughts on “Digital Humanities Conference Presentation

  1. Hi, Angela.
    I hope this finds you well.
    Thank you for your presentation at the Digital Humanities Conference, which I found so interesting.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    All the best and good luck for everything,

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