Vegas Strong: 1 October

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Today, 3 years ago, on October 1, 2017, 60 innocent people lost their lives to an act of terrorism. Today, we continue to celebrate the lives of those lost, thus keeping their spirits alive given their lives were taking too soon and unwillingly.

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Today, we continue to pray for the survivors of 1 October, as it is an experience that will be with them for a lifetime.

Today, we continue to pray for the surviving families who lost their loved ones, never expecting the inevitable to happen to them or to have a loved one leave the house for hours of entertainment only to be gunned down by a person with ill-intent and an anterior motive.

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I did not personally know any of the departed, but cannot help but feel a sense of compassion for those who were victims and those who lost loved ones. People from all over Las Vegas, those natives and visitors chipped in to show support for the fallen and those affected, mentally and emotionally.

This could have been any of us, anywhere. We all love socializing and partaking in live entertainment and adventures. So, in a sense, we must not forsake our life purpose and just live every day as if it is our last. Our deaths may not be a result of a terrorist attack or viral plague, but one day our time will come whether instantaneous or drawn out. We must continue to respect and support one another.

In this day and age we never know who we’ll have to rely on or when.

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For more on the 1 October story or to be reminded of the inevitable please see the following link:

Sheriff Lombardo announces deaths from #1October officially increased to 60

We do not know what our final destination will be or what it will consist of. Live life happily, this will ensure that you go out with a smile, dignity, and no regrets.

Stay Safe.


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