Feeling a sense of Freedom means doing the things that makes you happy.

I’m Over Hair… well at least mine

For so long I have wanted to cut my hair but was afraid that I would look crazy. I have been down the natural and textured journey-wait is there an in between. Well, earlier this year I texlaxed my hair and thought it was contribute to my sense of happiness but it did not. I texturized my dark hair tressed because I felt that it would increase the manageability of its natural state. Well, little did I know, that after all of these year-me being natural for over ten year-is that processed hair is no different. It takes TLC and is still time consuming. Going to the hair dressers every other week just to sit there for hours and allow someone else to fumble and fiddle around with your strands, not being sure that you will be satisfied with the result.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, here stands a girl who is about to be bald?

These are my end results, with the exception of an inch or two from total baldness. I was hesitant to cut my hair at first, but when I sat back and thought about it, I envisioned myself to be in a revolving circle of asking myself the same question over and over again. Why in the heck to I want to hang onto a head full of damage hair. I did go back and forth for a matter of minutes and my husband telling me to sleep on it and not to making an rational decisions. Uh. I have been sleeping on this ideal for a couple of years now. I had even went out of the to by some expensive shears to assist in the process.

She did that…

I stood in the mirror trying to picture the end results. But then stopped overthinking because it would have only led me to putting the shears away and holding onto an impairable mane. I cut… I cut some more… and then some more… and before I know it all of my hair was in the sink and I was bald.

OMG. I have never felt my head my entire life. This actually feels really good. I feel free and liberated.

Its interesting because people are always going to look at your a certain way regardless of you hair texture or how long or short it is. When I cut my hair I did it for me. Not to please another person, not for medical reason, and not for the sake of doing something. I did it for who? ME. I felt a dire need to start fresh and anew and this is just a starting point, whose to know what’s to come next. I feel that my life can only get better and I am willing to take the necessary steps to get there. Yes, I was confident, beautiful, and a showstopper when I had hair, but guess what, I always had it covered up with some formality of a wig, which I am sure contributed to the damaging effect.

Wigs and Weaves

I have so many wigs, because I am a person that gets bored with my hair. I have one wig to fit each of my moods and personalities. So, even though I am bald underneath, as I go on a healthy hair journey, thus engaging regularly hair maintenance for sustainability, wigs will continue to be my best friend, or not. It all depends on my mood that does, to where in some days they may change several times.

End Note

I say this to say that, I know what I need to do to ensure my own happiness and do what is necessarily to leave a healthy and carefree life. Cutting my hair does not mean permanent baldness, kudos to those girls with short/bald craniums. I take my hat off to you for your bravery, as I have just joined that clan. Hair will grow back if you allow it and don’t continually cut it off. Baldness fits most people, if not all people. It is all about how you embrace it and rock it out. Hair does not define a person. What defines a person is their personalities and how they treat themselves and others. I am too also on the verge of a total cleanse, whereby getting all of the toxicin out of my life. I am on a lifelong healthy journey. Postive energy and vibe, and a life changing experience that would change my outlook and quality of life.

Do what makes you happy and nevertheless, you will never disappoint yourself.


3 thoughts on “Feeling a sense of Freedom means doing the things that makes you happy.

  1. I feel the same
    I did shaved half of my head
    All people think I’m crazy and should let my hair grow
    I hear his opinions
    I feel free from all that hair
    I’m still do not take care of the half left 🤫 but it is ok I’m happy

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